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Michael Manring - Unusual Weather

Michael Manring
Nearly 30 years after its original release on Windham Hill Records, Unusual Weather by Michael Manring has been reissued by Adventure Music. Consisting of both ensemble pieces and music composed for solo bass guitar, this collection of tracks includes "Welcoming," "Huge Moon," "Almost April," "Unusual Weather," "Sung To Sleep," "Thunder Tactics," "Longhair Mobile," "Homeward," "Not Even The Summer," "Sightings," "Big Feelings," "Thunder Tactics Reprise," and "Manthing."

Gary Willis - Larger Than Life

Gary Willis
Gary Willis, one of the world's leading fretless bassists, has delivered his fifth solo recording Larger Than Life. Joining Willis on this set are Gergo Borlai on drums, long-time Tribal Tech bandmate Scott Kinsey on keyboards, Steve Tavaglione on saxes and EWI, Claudia Bardagi on voice, and Llibert Fortuny on tenor sax and voice. Tracks include "The Professionals," "Everything's Cool," "Larger Than Life," "Say It Ain't So," "Source Code," "Hipster," "Solaris," "Beast Mode," "Alien Head Explodes," "Vendetta," "2 Fast," and "Superhero."

Ray Riendeau - Space-Time Continuum

Ray Riendeau
Space-Time Continuum, a 5-song EP, is the latest project from bassist Ray Riendeau. Featuring science-themed instrumental music along with performances by Danny Handler (drums), Marco Sfogli (guitar), Fountainhead (guitar), and Matt Guillory (keys), tracks include "Quantum Entanglement," "Multiverses," "Quark," "Transcend," and "The Conservation Of Angular Momentum."

Alain Caron - En/In Concert

Alain Caron
Captured live at the Art Center La Petite Eglise in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, En/In Concert showcases the virtuosity of bassist Alain Caron. Accompanied by pianist John Roney, guitarist Pierre Cote, and drummer Damien Schmitt, the content featured on this project draws from his critically acclaimed release Multiple Faces along with some of his most popular compositions from prior recordings. A complete track listing includes "Enhanced," "Sfing," "The Lost Foot," "Jazz Pool," "Fair Play," "Right After 4," "Slick Shift," "Then And After," "This Or That," "Canuba," "Hurry Up And Wait," "No Way," and "D-Code." A 98-minute DVD of this live performance is also available.

Damian Erskine - Within Sight

Damian Erskine
Within Sight is the third studio release from bassist Damian Erskine. Featuring Tom Guarna (guitar), George Colligan (piano), and Reinhardt Melz (drums), a complete listing of tracks includes "To The Rest," "Who By Now," "Begin Within," "Bestowal," "Stumptown Stumble," "Altitude Adjustment," "Song For Zoey," "Within Sight," and "Fifty Out Of One."

Darren Michaels - Seasons

Darren Michaels
Seven years removed from his last full-length solo project, Darren Michaels has released Seasons. Utilizing only his bass guitars and voice on this 10-song selection, Michaels takes the listener through an exploration of the seasons of life while showcasing his lyrics and creative bass playing techniques. Featured tracks include "Come Down," "Habits," "Words," "Knotted," "It's Enough," "Get To Where I Go," "You Can," "So Close (Seasons)," "Not Fair," and "All I Can Give."

John Patitucci - Brooklyn

John Patitucci
Brooklyn is the first solo project in six years from legendary 6-string bass pioneer John Patitucci. This recording features the debut of the John Patitucci Electric Guitar Quartet, and it is also the first album that showcases Patitucci's virtuoso playing exclusively on electric bass guitar while utilizing a semi-hollow 6-string instrument designed by Yamaha. Rounding out his quartet are Adam Rogers (guitar), Steve Cardenas (guitar), and Brian Blade (drums). Covering a mixture of blues, funk, soul, and jazz styles, this selection of 11 tracks includes "IN9-1881/The Search," "Dugu Kamalemba," "Band Of Brothers," "Trinkle Tinkle," "Ugly Beauty," "JLR," "Do You?," "Bells Of Coutance," "The Thumb," "Go Down Moses," and "Tesori."

Stuart Hamm - The Book Of Lies

Stuart Hamm
Featuring a seven-piece suite for solo bass plus four full-band compositions, The Book Of Lies is the latest solo project from Stuart Hamm. Alongside John Mader (drums), Chester Thompson (drums), Jason Harrison Smith (drums), Carl Verheyen (guitar), Lorn Leber (guitar), Mitchell Forman (piano), Phil Naish (piano), Karl Theobald (baritone and tenor sax), and Anna Kristina (vocals), this collection of tracks consists of "The Book Of Lies," "Back To Shabalalla," "Etude #1," "Open Note Aria," "Chordally Yours," "Harmoni-Cali," "Te Extrano," "Slap Happy," "Just A Blues," "Practicality," and "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds."

Marcus Miller - Afrodeezia

Marcus Miller
Inspired by his travels through West Africa, South America, and the Caribbean along the Atlantic slave routes, Afrodeezia is bassist Marcus Miller's debut project as a leader on Blue Note Records. Produced by Miller, this 11-track set features his core band consisting of saxophonist Alex Han, trumpeter Lee Hogans, pianist Brett Williams, guitarist Adam Agati, and drummer Louis Cato along with an international list of guest artists. This collection of songs includes "Hylife," "B's River," "Preacher's Kid (Song For William H)," "We Were There," "Papa Was A Rolling Stone," "I Still Believe I Hear," "Son Of Macbeth," "Prism (Interlude)," "Xtraordinary," "Water Dancer," and "I Can't Breathe."

Press Releases

Jonathan Moody - Music For Our Hands

Jonathan Moody
Music For Our Hands," a 7-song EP from bassist Jonathan Moody, is now available. Usually known in the music industry as the Social Media Manager for GHS Strings and an afficionado of bow ties, Moody's first EP draws heavily on his classical background, while combining his years of gigging with a wide variety of groups and genres over the past twenty years in the SW Michigan music scene.

A fan of the solo bass genre, Moody's album also pays homage to earlier influences. "Back when I was learning the Bach Cello Suites (on string bass), I was told to get the Dmitri Rostropovich recordings. Aside from the musicianship, the way that the recording captured every nuance, breath, bow stroke was exciting. Closing your eyes, you'd think Rostropovich was in the room; that's what I wanted to convey ultimately with this album."

In addition to digital and physical copies, Moody has also made available the sheet music (notation with accompanying tablature) for all seven songs on the EP. This is perfect for those musicians that would like to invest the time to learn the pieces and delve deeper into Moody's compositions.

Music For Our Hands is currently available on Bandcamp and CD Baby.
Bandcamp -
CD Baby -