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Bass Players

Electric Bassists
Jeff Andrews - Bassist with Vital Information.

Steve Bailey - 6-string fretless bass extremist.

Roscoe Beck - Bassist with Robben Ford and Eric Johnson.

Frode Berg - Great bassist from Norway.

Jeff Berlin - Legendary electric bassist.

Tim Bogert - Rock & Roll's legendary bassist with Vanilla Fudge.

Richard Bona - Fantastic bass player from Cameroon.

Brian Bromberg - Taking the art of bass playing to all new levels.

Jack Bruce - Legendary bassist with Cream.

Bunny Brunel - Solo bassist, author, and respected educator.

Al Caldwell - Extended range bass with the travelin black hillbilly.

Yves Carbonne - France-based extended range bassist.

Alain Caron - The master of 6-string fretted and fretless basses.

Jack Casady - Bassist for the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, & Hot Tuna.

Stanley Clarke - Bass icon.

Les Claypool - One of the most widely recognized voices in bass.

Stuart Clayton - U.K. bassist and author.

Randy Coven - Ultimate lead bass guitar.

Melvin Lee Davis - Solo artist and sideman.

Adrian Davison - Piano-like approach to solo bass playing.

Josquin des Pres - Prolific author, composer, arranger, producer, and bassist.

Bill Dickens - Funk moves and killer grooves.

Mike Downes - Head of the bass department at Humber College in Toronto.

Kai Eckhardt - Bassist/composer.

Mark Egan - Fretless bass master.

Cliff Engel - Founder of The IIB and instructor offering bass correspondence lessons.

Damian Erskine - Bassist and nephew of world-renowned drummer Peter Erskine.

John Flitcraft - Former B.I.T. graduate and instructor.

Al Garcia - Bassist, guitarist, composer, and recording artist.

Matt Garrison - Instructor at the Bass Collective and Berklee College of Music.

Rob Gourlay - Author of "Walking In The Footsteps Of..." series of books.

Jonas Hellborg - Electric bassarist.

Scott Hubbell - Author of Fretboard Alchemy & Fretboard Arcanum.

David Hughes - Fantastic contemporary jazz bassist from Sweden.

Alphonso Johnson - Pre-Jaco Weather Report bassist.

Todd Johnson - Six-string bass pioneer.

John Paul Jones - Famed Led Zeppelin bassist.

Tom Kennedy - First-call bassist and member of the Dave Weckl Band.

Jake Kot - Portland-based composer/bassist.

Dave LaRue - Bassist with the Steve Morse Band and the Dixie Dregs.

Steve Lawson - U.K. solo bassist, session artist, and teacher.

Will Lee - Bassist in the CBS Orchestra.

Lars Lehmann - The editor of Germany's Bass Professor magazine.

Tony Levin - Bass and stickmaster with King Crimson.

Michael Manring - Solo bassist nonpareil.

Darren Michaels - Atlanta-based solo bassist.

Marcus Miller - Bass legend.

Joseph Patrick Moore - Freelance bassist/composer.

Peter Muller - Germany-based bassist and founder of Mullenium Records.

Peter Murray - Bassist and author of Essential Bass Technique.

John Myung - Bassist with Dream Theater.

Adam Nitti - founder.

Franc O'Shea - Bassist/composer/producer.

Jaco Pastorius - The World's Greatest Bass Player.

John Patitucci - One of today's most influential musicians and composers.

Andrew Pfaff - Author of Mode Shapes for Bass.

Dave Pomeroy - The Day the Bass Players Took Over the World.

Mike Pope - A bassist of broad scope and tremendous talent.

Ray Riendeau - Extraordinary electric bassist.

Joe Santerre - Berklee College of Music teacher, author, and composer.

Markus Setzer - Bass Guitar & Voice.

Billy Sheehan - Rock bass legend.

Sting - One of pop music's most famed bassists.

Jim Stinnett - Berklee instructor and founder of The Bass Workout.

Norm Stockton - Instructor of the Grooving For Heaven video series.

Kim Stone - Solo artist and bassist with the Rippingtons.

Jan-Olof Strandberg - Finland-based bassist.

Chris Tarry - Canadian solo artist.

Anthony Vitti - Berklee instructor and author of advanced method books for bass.

Roy Vogt - Outstanding bassist and instructor based in Nashville.

Trip Wamsley - Solo electric bassist.

Anthony Wellington - Bassist with the Victor Wooten band.

Gary Willis - The fretless bass guru.

Doug Wimbish - The official site of the journeyman bassist.

Victor Wooten - Solo artist and bassist with Bela Fleck & the Flecktones.

Acoustic Upright Bassists
Ben Allison - Critically-acclaimed upright bassist.

Albey Balgochian - Acoustic and electric upright bassist.

Ron Carter - Jazz bass icon.

John Clayton - Superb upright jazz bassist.

Avishai Cohen - Solo upright bassist and jazz notable sideman.

Todd Coolman - Author of The Bass Tradition and The Bottom Line.

Ray Drummond - The Bulldog.

Roland Guerin - Groove, swing and harmony.

Dave Holland - Jazz bassist extraordinaire.

Gary Karr - World-renowned classical doublebass soloist.

Charles Mingus - Bass legend and jazz composer.

Christian McBride - The most in-demand jazz bassist in the world today.

Edgar Meyer - Master instrumentalist and chameleon of styles.

Mark Morton - Artistic Director of the American School of Double Bass.

Joel Quarrington - Double bass in fifths.

Maurizio Rolli - Amazing upright bassist from Italy.

Buster Williams - One of jazz's heaviest hitters.


A Basses - Basses made by a bass player.

Alembic - Fine handcrafted basses and guitars.

Aquilina - Basses by French bass builder Sebastien Aquilina.

Barker Vertical Bass - Just when you thought it had all been done. Play it straight.

Bassculture - Custom e-basse.

Bee - Bee basses sting.

Benavente - Instruments handcrafted by Chris Benavente.

Carvin - World's #1 factory direct music store.

Celinder - Fine handmade basses from Denmark.

Conklin - One-of-a-kind custom basses with unlimited options.

Cort - Skillfully handcrafted basses.

Curbow - The crossroads of art and imagination.

Dammann - Play art.

Dean - Builders of Brian Bromberg's signature model bass.

DP Custom - The way a guitar should sound.

Duvoisin Guitars - Swiss-made guitars and basses.

Elrick - Manufactured by hand from the boards up.

F Bass - The Alain Caron signature model bass.

Fender - The original Jazz bass.

Fodera - Custom builders of solid body electric basses.

Ibanez - Anything but traditional.

James - Custom electric bass guitars.

Joella - Constructing the sound, one bass at a time.

KD Basses - Original handcrafted electric basses and guitars.

L.A. Kidwell - Unique custom built electric basses.

Kubicki - Ex Factor technology.

Lakland - Every great rhythm deserves a bassline.

LeCompte - Quality, handmade, electric basses built in the USA.

LightWave Systems - Hear the light.

Little Guitar Works - Own a little. Play a lot.

Mike Lull - One of the best custom and repair shops in the country.

Marleaux - Your imagination is the limit.

Modulus - Basses with carbon fiber necks.

New York Bass Works - Form and function in harmony.

Overwater - Over twenty years of custom bass manufacture.

Pedulla - You never played better.

Ray Ramirez - The swing of the latin bass.

Roscoe - The home of tone.

Sadowsky - The wood is first.

Spector - Basses built for a lifetime.

Status Graphite - The evolution of the species.

Ned Steinberger - Electric string instruments for the discriminating musician.

Stick Enterprises - Tap into the source.

Michael Tobias Design - Basses from the master of tone.

Carl Thompson - One of a kind, one at a time.

Warrior - Pick up a sword.

Warwick - The sound of wood.

Yamaha - Extensive line of signature model basses.

Zeta Music Systems - The electric UpRite bass.

Zon - Taking bass further.

Amps & Speakers
AccuGroove - Unique in concept, flawless in performance.

Aguilar - Amplify yourself.

Ampeg - The power of bass.

Ashdown - The bass amplification that everyone wants to use.

Bag End - Manufacturing the finest in high technology speakers.

EBS - Don't play without it.

Eden - Superb amps and speaker enclosures.

Epifani - Let your ears be the judge.

Euphonic Audio - Think inside the box.

Gallien-Krueger - Power to groove.

Glockenklang - Professional bass sound systems.

Hartke - Cabinets featuring aluminum-cone speakers.

Phil Jones Bass - Extreme bass amplification.

Markbass - Italian-made amps that let the world hear your bass as it was meant to be heard.

Peavey - Listen to this.

Raven Labs - Absolutely the best, accept no compromise.

SWR Sound - Amplify your future.

Taurus - Bass amplification designed and made in Poland.

Trace Elliot - Power, flexibility, performance.

D'Addario - The player's choice.

Dean Markley - Cryogenic activated.

DR HandMade Strings - The handmade string.

GHS - The way strings should be.

La Bella - World class strings.

S.I.T. - Stay in tune.

Thomastik-Infeld - Strings of choice for the upright jazz bassist.

Effects & Recording
Alesis - The re-evolution of music.

Boss - The company that put the stomp in stompbox.

Digitech - The power to create.

Lexicon - The leader in digital audio processing equipment.

Line 6 - Digital modeling products including the Bass POD series.

Mackie - Dedicated to manufacturing high quality professional audio products.

Rane - Professional audio products.

Roland - World leader in the development and manufacture of electronic instruments.

Tascam - The company that invented the home studio revolution.

Barbera Transducer Systems - State-of-the-art-electro-acoustics.

Bartolini - A trusted name in pickups and electronics.

EMG - The ultimate in pickup technology.

Fishman - Acoustic power.

RMC - Polyphonic bridge pickups, electronics, and fanout boxes.

Seymour Duncan - Great tone is fundamental.

Cakewalk - The #1-selling family of software products for recording.

Finale - The world's best-selling music notation software.

Digidesign - The industry standard for audio professionals.

GarageBand - Record your next big hit.

MOTU - Award-winning midi sequencing software.

Musitek - Music imaging technologies.

PG Music - Band In A Box.

Sonic Foundry - Makers of digital multimedia editing tools.

Steinberg - Creativity first.

Allparts - America's premier guitar and bass parts supplier.

Comfort Strapp - The maker of the world's most comfortable shoulder strap for bass guitar.

EBow - The electronic bow for guitar and bass.

Evidence Audio - Proof cable matters.

Fine Cases - A grassroots musician-owned web store.

Hercules Stands - Back up your performance with solid support.

Hipshot - Manufacturers of quality bass hardware.

Levys Leathers - The best dressed players wear Levy's.

Mooradian - Musical instrument covers and gig bags.

Moses Graphite - Radically traditional, fundamentally sound.

Planet Waves - Circuit breaker instrument cables.

Radial Engineering - True to the music.

Reunion Blues - The ultimate gig bag.

Samson - Wireless systems for bass.

Stewart MacDonald - Everything for building and repairing stringed instruments.

Warmoth - The original custom guitar shop.

Bass Shops

Electric Bass
Atlanta Bass Gallery - The groove starts here.

Bass Alone - Offering the finest basses.

Bass Central - The world's largest bass inventory.

Bass Emporium - Everything for the hobbyist and serious bass player.

Bass Exchange - All top name gear at the lowest prices.

Bass Northwest - Fine store in Seattle.

Bass Palace - Bass guitar superstore.

The Bass Dealer - A bass dealer dedicated to Lakland, Hofner, and Kay basses.

The Bass Place - The bass players' paradise.

Elderly - New, used, and vintage basses.

Electric City Music - Specializes in high end musical equipment.

Guitar Villa - Quality new, used, and vintage basses.

Jad Acoustix - Online shop dedicated to basses and accessories.

New York Guitar & Bass Boutique - A fine N.Y.C. shop.

Overwater Bass Emporium - Great gear for both electric and acoustic players.

The Perfect Bass - Your online source for exotic bass instruments.

Planet Bass - Superstore for the bass guitarist.

Acoustic Upright Bass
Bob's House of Basses - A great selection of double basses.

The Contrabass Shop - Professional quality old double basses.

David Gage String Instrument Repair - New York's most famous bass shop.

Hammond Ashley - The double bass specialists.

K.C. Strings - A full service violin shop specializing in basses.

Kolstein - Quality, craftsmanship, perfection, integrity.

Lemur Music - The world's most complete source for the double bassist.

Quinn Violins - Offering more to those who make or teach music.

String Emporium - Fine antique, carved, and student basses.

World of Basses - Every double bassist's dream come true.

Music Schools

American School of Double Bass - Emphasis on classical, solo, and orchestral playing.

Bass Collective - Private and group instruction on electric and acoustic bass at all levels.

The Bass Institute - Europe's finest school of modern music. - Weekend workshops featuring some of today's most influential bassists.

Berklee College of Music - The world's premier institution for the study of contemporary music.

Berkleemusic - The online extension school of Berklee College of Music.

Eastman School of Music - Fine orchestral department.

Full Sail - School of film, art, design, music & media production.

Indiana University - One of the world's most comprehensive institutions for musical studies.

The Juilliard School - Highly acclaimed orchestral school.

L.A. Music Academy - A contemporary music school with an emphasis on performance.

Manhattan School of Music - Highly respected orchestral performance program.

Mannes College - Classical music conservatory.

McNally Smith College of Music - The midwest's premier contemporary music school.

MusicDojo - The next generation of music education.

Musicians Institute - The Bass Institute of Technology.

New England Conservatory of Music - Renowned classical school.

New School - Jazz and contemporary music.

The Players School of Music - Providing top musical instruction to players of all levels.

The University of North Texas - The largest jazz and double bass department in the U.S.

Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz - A non-profit education organization.


Bassics - Great bass publication.

Bass Guitar Magazine - The U.K.'s #1 bass magazine.

Bass Magazine - A fantastic bass publication based in the Netherlands.

Bass Player - The world's #1 bass publication.

Bass Professor - Das beste instrument der welt.

Double Bassist - For double bass teachers, students, players and makers.

Down Beat - Renowned jazz publication.

Innerviews - Music without borders.

ISB - The Journal of the ISB.

Jazz Improv - The source for everything jazz.

Web Sites

A Passion For Jazz - History of jazz music origins, styles, and musicians.

Jamey Aebersold - The most comprehensive selection of jazz educational materials.

Charlie Banacos - Jazz improvisation guru offering jazz correspondence lessons by mail.

Jazz Corner - The web site portal for many jazz musicians and organizations.

Jazz Online - The Internet's first commercial site devoted exclusively to jazz.

Abstract Logix - The center of the new musical universe.

American Musical Supply - Musician's discount catalog.

Audiophile Imports - Hard to find imported jazz and fusion discs.

Bass Books - The ultimate online source for bass guitar music.

Bass Guitar Strings - Becoming the bass guitarist's favorite online source for strings.

Bass Ramblings - Blogging about bass.

Bassline Publishing - Top quality bass guitar tuition and transcription books.

Bunny Bass - Specializing in custom, vintage, and exotic bass guitars.

Full Blown Bass - Large range of bass products, news, lessons, videos, auctions, and more.

Groove DNA - The coolest bass apparel on the planet.

Guitar Sherpa - Your guide through the mountains of online stringed instrument information.

Harmony Central - A large collection of bass related links.

Italia Straps - Manufacturers of premium leather bass and guitar straps.

Kangaroo Amp Covers - The next best thing to having your own roadie.

Microphone Heaven - Microphone, recording, and mixing tips.

NorCal Bassix - Bass collective helping bassists with gear, lessons, and good groove.

Play Bass Now - Lessons, licks, and low notes.

Sweetwater Music - Music technology direct.

12 Tone Music Publishing - Bass EncycloMedia & Fretboard Flashcards For 4, 5 & 6-String Bass.

Ugly Bass Player - A place for those who love the low end.

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