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Linear Slapping Techniques

The Modes Of The Major Scale

By Ray Riendeau

An area of bass playing I'd like to shed some light on is how to utilize slap and pluck techniques in a linear manner. This will help you in working on advanced arrangements such as my rendition of "Ornithology" that appears on Arrhythmia, and it will also open up a whole new world of melodic ideas in your own playing using this style.

Scales are a great source for linear playing, and in this lesson, I will show you one way to navigate through the modes of the major scale using linear slapping techniques. All of the appropriate articulations have been indicated in the notation. While both ascending and descending across the fingerboard, the right hand maintains the following articulation sequence: thumb slap down - thumb slap up - index finger pluck.

Once you feel comfortable slapping and plucking the modes of the C major scale in a linear fashion as notated, transpose these exercises to all of the remaining keys. Apply this linear slapping concept to other scales and then play melodies using this idea.

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© 2006 Ray Riendeau/The IIB