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The content that is contained in all of the IIB's courses has been developed through proven methods over many years of teaching, live performance, research, and analysis. Depending on the course and the particular concept being discussed, lesson material may consist of text, exercises in both standard notation and tablature, images, diagrams, audio tracks, play-alongs, or video clips. You will be provided with everything you need to complete each course unless you would like to submit notated examples, audio excerpts, or video clips for critique to demonstrate your understanding of the course material.

Within 24 hours of enrolling in a course, you will be notified via e-mail to confirm your registration. Additional course information will be provided at that time including the instructions to access the online classroom and first lesson. Each course offered through the IIB runs for 12 weeks. On the first Monday of every month, a new session for every course begins. Over the span of 12 weeks, a new lesson will be posted every Monday. As soon as a new lesson has been posted, you will be contacted by e-mail to inform you that new lesson material is available for viewing and download. You can then view and download the latest lesson at your convenience anytime throughout that week. You should expect to spend approximately 3-4 hours per week practicing the lesson material. More or less practice time may be needed based on your experience level before enrolling in a course.

Study Bass Online With The IIB Each weekly lesson will build upon the material found within the previous lesson. After being notified that a new lesson has been posted, you will only need to enter the classroom once during that week to download the coursework. All new lessons that are posted will remain accessible for the remaining duration of the course. For example, if we are in the 12th and final week of a course, you will still have the ability to go back to review and download the prior 11 weeks of lessons.

Study Bass Online With The IIB Accompanying each of the courses will be a number of audio recordings. These tracks may be comprised of audio instruction which contain suggestions for practicing the notated exercises. They may feature play-alongs to help simulate live performance applications, and they may also consist of essential listening tracks to assist in reinforcing a particular concept or technique. The length of these tracks will vary depending on the content being discussed.

Study Bass Online With The IIB All of the lessons will also contain a collection of lesson sheets featuring exercises coded in the portable document format (PDF). PDF is the world standard for the most reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents. It is a file format that preserves the fonts, images, graphics, and layout of any source document, regardless of the application utilized to produce it. PDF files are compact for downloading and can be viewed and printed by anyone with the free Adobe Reader software. All standard notation, tablature, diagrams, and text that was used in the creation of the IIB courses was assembled in Finale and then exported as a PDF file.

Study Bass Online With The IIB You will have access to all of the different content presented throughout the 3-month session of that particular course. During the final week of each course, you will be sent a reminder via e-mail regarding the approaching conclusion of that session so that you can download everything you would like to keep such as the text, notated exercises, audio tracks, and play-alongs which you can then print off or save to recordable CD or DVD media for future reference. You can then continue to review that material for as long as you would like.

It is recommended that you create a special folder on your computer that is specifically dedicated to each course that you take so you have a place to download, save, and reference all the coursework. As soon as you download all the notated exercises, you should immediately print the lesson sheets using the Adobe Reader. By printing a hard copy of all the notated examples, you will be able to practice the lesson material anywhere without the need of a computer or access to the internet. You should also periodically backup all the course content by saving it to a CD or DVD so you won't lose any of that information in the event of a computer failure.

E-mail support will be provided for the duration of 1 year after the completion of your course. Every effort possible is made to reply to all course-related questions within 24 hours, and e-mail is responded to 7 days a week. The level of personalized interaction that you receive from your instructor will depend entirely on the frequency of the feedback that you submit. Communication is a crucial component to achieving the highest level of success with the IIB's courses. While not a requirement, it is recommended that you periodically submit a short report via e-mail to update the instructor on your progress with the lesson material. If you experience any problems with the coursework, your feedback will provide us with the opportunity to answer all of your course-related questions in a timely fashion.