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The IIB Online Bass Courses

Soloing Techniques For Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass

The Next Session Begins October 2

The IIB Online Bass Courses - Soloing Techniques
Ever since the introduction of the bass guitar and acoustic upright bass, a bassist's primary role has been to provide a supportive function as an accompanist within the setting of a rhythm section. Today, as a well-rounded bass player, you are also expected to produce lyrical solos with proficiency. Soloing Techniques is an intermediate to advanced level course that explores all of the fundamental elements required to improvise effective solos. Featuring classic bebop to modern era techniques, you will be presented with a wide array of improvisation concepts and learn how to create your own horn-like solos in the jazz idiom. Following a step-by-step analysis, this course begins by examining basic theoretical principles including the construction of intervals, triads, seventh chords, tensions, and scales. Over the span of 12 weeks, you will be introduced to various techniques and concepts such as passing notes, approach notes, neighbor notes, cells, sequences, voice leading, superimposition, phrasing, melodic interpretation, thematic development, and the assimilation of those components through practical application. Soloing Techniques will expose you to a collection of proven strategies which will help you implement these techniques in a musical fashion. Utilizing a compilation of popular standards from the jazz repertoire and an archive of signature solos recorded by some of the most innovative instrumentalists in the history of jazz music, you will learn to connect your ears to the fingerboard, develop ideas, and expand the traditional role of the bassist through the vocabulary of the jazz language. Transcriptions of legendary solos and dozens of play-alongs will be employed to establish a database of documented statements and demonstrate the proper integration of phrasing considerations. Soloing Techniques is recommended for both aspiring and professional bassists alike who are seeking an indispensable resource for the contemporary study and analysis of soloing concepts on bass guitar and acoustic upright bass.

Topics Discussed In Soloing Techniques Include:
- A Guide To Practicing
- Ear Training
- Notes On The Bass
- Intervals
- Triads
- Seventh Chords
- Tensions
- The Modes Of The Major Scale
- The Modes Of The Melodic Minor Scale
- Major, Minor & Other Pentatonic Scales
- The Blues Scale
- Whole-Step/Half-Step & Half-Step/Whole-Step Diminished Scales
- The Whole Tone Scale
- The Chromatic Scale
- A Guide To Scales
- The 12-Bar Blues, 32-Bar A-A-B-A & Other Basic Song Forms
- Modal Tunes
- Rhythm Changes
- Common Chord Progressions, Chord Substitutions & Turnarounds
- Chord Tones, Scale Tones & Non-Diatonic Notes
- Triad Cells
- Chordal Cells
- 3, 4 & 5-Note Scale Cells/Fragments
- Triad, Chordal & Scalar Sequences
- Melodic & Rhythmic Interpretation
- Phrasing & Thematic Development
- Articulations Including Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, Slurs & Grace Notes
- Target Notes
- Passing Notes
- Scalar & Chromatic Approach Notes
- Scalar & Chromatic Neighbor Notes
- Telescopes
- Deflections
- Tertial & Non-Tertial Cells
- Superimposition/Chord-On-Chord/Bitonality
- Connecting Changes With Triads, Chord Tones & Scales
- Techniques To Improve Your Improv
- Transposition
- Voice Leading
- Indirect Resolution
- Strong Beat/Weak Beat
- Rhythmic & Octave Displacement
- Sound Production
- Timing
- Dynamics & Vibrato
- Memorizing Lead Sheets/Chord Charts
- A Guide To Chord Symbols
- Ballads, Medium Tempos & Fast Tempos
- Over 40 Transcribed Solos Recorded By John Patitucci, Jaco Pastorius, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Oscar Peterson, Sonny Stitt & Wynton Marsalis In Standard Music Notation & Tablature
- Essential Listening Discography
- Building A Repertoire Of Jazz Standards
- Over 100 Play-Along Tracks

By The Conclusion Of This Course, You Will Have Been Presented With The Tools To:
- Structure Effective Practice Sessions
- Locate All Of The Notes On The Bass
- Play Intervals, Triads, Seventh Chords, Tensions & Scales Across The Entire Range Of The Fingerboard
- Increase Your Technical Mastery Of The Bass
- Expand Your Fretboard Familiarity
- Understand Basic Chord/Scale & Jazz Theory
- Identify Intervals, Triads, Seventh Chords, Tensions & Scales By Ear
- Construct Melodic, Horn-Like Solos Using Chord Tones, Scale Tones & Non-Diatonic Notes
- Integrate Rhythmic Diversity Into Your Solos
- Improvise Solos In The Styles Of John Patitucci, Jaco Pastorius, Jeff Berlin, Michael Manring, Brian Bromberg, Alain Caron, Gary Willis, Ray Brown, Ron Carter & Paul Chambers
- Recognize Chord Symbols & Common Chord Progressions
- Navigate Lead Sheets/Chord Charts
- Transpose A 12-Bar Blues To Every Key
- Solo Over Jazz Standards With Proper Tone & Feel
- Extend Your Performance Endurance
- Interact With Other Musicians On A Deeper Level Through The Language Of Improvisation
- Transcribe Solos

Prerequisites For Soloing Techniques
- The Ability To Read Standard Music Notation Or Tablature
- Visit The IIB Requirements Page For A Complete List Of Required Hardware & Software

Duration: 12 Weeks
Cost: 24.95