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The IIB Online Bass Courses

Sight Reading For Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass

The Next Session Begins October 2

The IIB Online Bass Courses - Sight Reading For Bass
Sight Reading For Bass is a beginner to intermediate level course that explores all aspects of reading and writing music notation for bassists. The ability to not only read but also write music notation is essential for any bass player who prepares music to be performed by other musicians. Following a clear analytical approach that begins by connecting the notes on the fingerboard to the notes on the staff, you will be presented with the standard guidelines of music notation, common note and rest values, articulation markings, intervals, triads, chords, and scales before moving onto more advanced rhythm studies. You will learn how to decipher key signatures, time signatures, and chord symbols as well as navigate lead sheets and chord charts. Utilizing a collection of complete transcriptions featuring classic and contemporary bass lines in rock, blues, jazz, motown, funk, latin, and classical styles, you will become a proficient reader of standard notation through real musical application. Alternate versions of selected exercises also include tablature to help verify your work and track your progress. From learning to recognize basic notes and elemental rhythms to understanding sophisticated signs, symbols, and terms, this course will help establish the foundation you need to more effectively communicate with other musicians in all your future musical endeavors. Whether your principle goal is to become a professional session bassist, a member of a college jazz ensemble, bass chair of a symphony orchestra, perform in a school musical, play in church, jam with some friends in your garage, or to simply increase the productivity of your practice sessions, improving your sight reading ability will only expand your opportunities as a working bassist. Musicians of all playing levels who are required to read or notate music in bass clef will benefit from this comprehensive course.

Topics Discussed In Sight Reading For Bass Include:
- A Guide To Practicing
- Ear Training
- Notes On The Bass & Staff
- Bass Clef
- Treble Clef
- Pitch
- Note & Rhythmic Recognition
- Rhythm Studies
- Note & Rest Values (Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth, Eighth-Note Triplet & Sixteenth)
- Dots & Ties
- Notation Guidelines/Placement
- Beams & Stems
- Ledger Lines
- Bar Lines
- Bass Notation (Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, Ghost Notes, Slides, Grace Notes, Slap, Pop, Tap, Harmonics, Bowing)
- Articulation Markings (Vibrato, Staccato, Legato, Accent, Marcato, Tenuto, Crescendo, Decrescendo)
- Tempo Markings
- Common Signs, Symbols & Terms
- Dynamics
- Key Signatures
- Accidentals
- Enharmonic Equivalents
- The Circle Of Fifths
- Major & Minor Keys
- Relative & Parallel Minor Keys
- Pulse & Meter
- Simple & Compound Meters
- Time Signatures
- Whole Steps & Half Steps
- Intervals
- Triads
- Chords
- Scales
- Key Centers
- Shifting
- Transposition
- Lead Sheets & Chord Charts
- A Guide To Chord Symbols
- Phrasing
- Rock, Blues, Jazz, Motown, Funk, Latin & Classical Styles
- Transcriptions In Standard Music Notation & Tablature
- Play-Along Tracks

By The Conclusion Of This Course, You Will Have Been Presented With The Tools To:
- Structure Effective Practice Sessions
- Locate All Of The Notes On The Bass & The Staff
- Read & Write Standard Music Notation In Every Key
- Increase Your Technical & Theoretical Mastery Of The Bass
- Expand Your Fretboard Familiarity
- Understand Basic Chord/Scale, Classical & Jazz Theory
- Recognize Chord Symbols & Common Chord Progressions
- Navigate & Write Lead Sheets & Chord Charts
- Play Through A Chart With Proper Tone & Feel
- Extend Your Performance Endurance
- Count/Subdivide & Feel Complex Rhythms
- Write Music In Accordance Of Contemporary Notation Practice
- Interact With Other Musicians On A Deeper Level Through The Language Of Notation
- Sound Musical While Reading Through Phrasing, Dynamics & Articulations
- Transcribe Bass Lines, Solos & Melodies

Prerequisites For Sight Reading For Bass
- Visit The IIB Requirements Page For A Complete List Of Required Hardware & Software

Duration: 12 Weeks
Cost: 24.95