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The IIB Online Bass Courses

Jazz Bass Lines
Contemporary Concepts For Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass

The Next Session Begins October 2

The IIB Online Bass Courses - Jazz Bass Lines
Jazz Bass Lines is a beginner to intermediate level course that examines all of the fundamental components of walking bass line construction. During this comprehensive 12-week course, you will study the techniques and bass lines of the most prominent jazz bassists. Following a systematic and guided approach of analysis, Jazz Bass Lines reviews the key elements of walking bass line creation. This course begins by concentrating on the basic building blocks of bass parts including intervals, triads, seventh chords, and scales. As the course progresses, you will be introduced to concepts such as walking bass line cells, rhythmic embellishments, the two feel, and the utilization of those components in practical application. With an emphasis placed on the 12-bar blues song form, students will analyze sample bass lines and transcriptions of classic walking bass lines to assist in learning the proper integration of technique, sound, and feel. By the end of this course, not only will you possess a deeper awareness of what makes a walking bass line great but you will also have expanded your fretboard familiarity, developed an incredible set of skills that will provide you with a greater understanding of how the bass functions within a band, and feel more confident in your ability to improvise effectively over jazz standards. From the basics of traditional walking bass line construction to more advanced contemporary principles, Jazz Bass Lines is designed to establish the crucial foundation and indispensable vocabulary that is necessary for bassists interested in the art of improvising bass lines. This course is a must for anyone passionate about becoming a proficient bass player and serious about furthering their knowledge of improvisation.

Topics Discussed In Jazz Bass Lines Include:
- A Guide To Practicing
- Ear Training
- Notes On The Bass
- Intervals
- Triads
- Seventh Chords
- Tensions
- The Modes Of The Major Scale
- The Modes Of The Melodic Minor Scale
- Major Pentatonic & Minor Pentatonic Scales
- The Blues Scale
- Whole-Step/Half-Step & Half-Step/Whole-Step Diminished Scales
- The Whole Tone Scale
- The Chromatic Scale
- A Guide To Scales
- The 12-Bar Blues, 32-Bar A-A-B-A & Other Basic Song Forms
- Modal Tunes
- Rhythm Changes
- The Two Feel
- Common Chord Progressions, Chord Substitutions & Turnarounds
- Chord Tones, Scale Tones & Non-Diatonic Notes
- Triad Cells
- Chordal Cells
- 3, 4 & 5-Note Scale Cells/Fragments
- Sequences
- Melodic Bass Lines/Phrasing
- Rhythmic Embellishments Including Eighth-Note Triplets, Skips, Ghost Skips, Syncopated Rhythms, Hammer-On Skips, Pull-Off Skips & Slurred Skips
- Target Notes
- Passing Notes
- Approach Notes
- Neighbor Notes
- Octave Displacement/Compound Intervals
- Delayed Resolution
- Ostinato Figures
- Pedal Tones
- Repetition
- Harmonics
- Connecting Changes With Roots, Fifths, Octaves, Triads, Chord Tones & Scales
- Transposition
- Voice Leading
- Strong Beat/Weak Beat
- Sound Production
- Timing
- Dynamics
- Memorizing Lead Sheets/Chord Charts
- A Guide To Chord Symbols
- Ballads, Medium Tempos & Fast Tempos
- Transcriptions Featuring Bass Lines Recorded By Ray Brown, Ron Carter, Paul Chambers & Sam Jones In Standard Music Notation & Tablature
- Essential Listening Discography
- Building A Repertoire Of Jazz Standards
- Over 100 Play-Along Tracks

By The Conclusion Of This Course, You Will Have Been Presented With The Tools To:
- Structure Effective Practice Sessions
- Locate All Of The Notes On The Bass
- Play Intervals, Triads, Seventh Chords, Tensions & Scales Across The Entire Range Of The Fingerboard
- Increase Your Technical Mastery Of The Bass
- Expand Your Fretboard Familiarity
- Understand Basic Chord/Scale & Jazz Theory
- Identify Intervals, Triads, Seventh Chords, Tensions & Scales By Ear
- Construct Walking Bass Lines Using Chord Tones, Scale Tones & Non-Diatonic Notes
- Integrate Rhythmic Diversity Into Your Bass Lines
- Improvise Walking Bass Lines In The Styles Of Ray Brown, Ron Carter & Paul Chambers
- Recognize Chord Symbols & Common Chord Progressions
- Navigate Lead Sheets/Chord Charts
- Transpose A 12-Bar Blues To Every Key
- Play Jazz Standards With Proper Tone & Feel
- Extend Your Performance Endurance
- Interact With Other Musicians On A Deeper Level Through The Language Of Improvisation
- Transcribe Bass Lines

Prerequisites For Jazz Bass Lines
- The Ability To Read Standard Music Notation Or Tablature
- Visit The IIB Requirements Page For A Complete List Of Required Hardware & Software

Duration: 12 Weeks
Cost: 24.95