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The IIB Online Bass Courses

Contemporary Techniques
The Basics And Beyond For Bass Guitar

The Next Session Begins October 2

The IIB Online Bass Courses - Contemporary Techniques
Contemporary Techniques is the definitive guide to technique for bass guitar. Regardless of your current playing level, prior experience, or the genres of music you prefer to play, this comprehensive course will solidify the foundation required to become a proficient bassist and save you countless hours of frustration by learning how to do it right the first time. Featuring curriculum designed to increase your accuracy, speed, and endurance along with transcriptions of classic to modern tracks from the bass repertoire, the techniques demonstrated throughout this course can be applied to any fretted or fretless bass guitar. Following a step-by-step analysis of fundamental technique considerations, the course begins by examining the most essential principles involved in playing bass guitar including economy of motion, posture, strap length, tone production, hand position, alternating fingers, the floating thumb, one-finger-per-fret, finger placement, finger pressure, supportive fingering, string crossing, string skipping, shifting, and articulations before proceeding to more advanced concepts such as slapping, plucking, and two-handed tapping techniques. Subsequent lessons in this 12-week course introduce the practical study and application of contemporary performance techniques which go beyond the traditional role of the bass guitar by exploring new sonorities through chords, harmonics, and altered tunings. By the completion of this course, you will have developed the proper mechanics, finger independence, dexterity, and range of motion required to execute bass lines and solos in any style of music. Whether you are a beginner with no formal training, a self-taught bassist who is seeking to resolve bad habits that have inadvertently formed over the years, or a seasoned professional looking to add new vocabulary to your playing, Contemporary Techniques will equip you with all the tools you need to perform in any musical environment and provide you with an indispensable archive of techniques that you can continue to review for years to come.

Topics Discussed In Contemporary Techniques Include:
- A Guide To Practicing
- Ear Training
- Notes On The Bass
- Economy Of Motion
- Posture
- Standing Vs. Sitting
- Strap Length
- Tone Production
- The Picking/Plucking Hand
- The Fretting Hand
- 2 & 3-Finger Alternating Technique
- Playing With A Pick
- Right & Left Finger, Wrist & Forearm Angles/Positions
- Floating Thumb Vs. Anchored Thumb
- Rest Stroke
- Right & Left Hand Muting
- One-Finger-Per-Fret
- Position Playing
- Finger Placement/Spacing
- Finger Pressure
- Supportive Fingering
- Barring
- Open Strings Vs. Fretted Notes
- Warm-Up Exercises
- Permutations
- Right & Left Hand Independence
- Finger Isolation & Dexterity Exercises
- String Crossing
- String Skipping
- Shifting
- Timing
- Dynamics
- Hammer-Ons
- Pull-Offs
- Trills
- Slurs
- Vibrato
- Ghost Notes
- String Bending
- Staccato/Legato
- Raking
- Strumming
- Palm Muting
- Scales
- Arpeggios
- Rock, Blues, Jazz, Motown, Funk, Latin & Classical Bass Lines
- Slapping (Bouncing & Slap-Through)
- Double Slapping
- Fretting Hand Slapping
- Plucking
- Double Plucking
- Two-Handed Tapping
- Chordal Playing
- Natural & Artificial Harmonics
- Altered Tunings
- Solo Bass Guitar
- Essential Listening Discographies
- Transcriptions In Standard Music Notation & Tablature
- Play-Along Tracks

By The Conclusion Of This Course, You Will Have Been Presented With The Tools To:
- Structure Effective Practice Sessions
- Locate All Of The Notes On The Bass
- Play Intervals, Triads, Seventh Chords, Tensions & Scales Across The Entire Range Of The Fingerboard
- Increase Your Technical Mastery Of The Bass
- Expand Your Fretboard Familiarity
- Play Your Instrument With Proper Tone, Feel & Economy Of Motion
- Extend Your Performance Endurance
- Execute Any Passage Presented To You Without Limitations Due To Technique
- Interact With Other Musicians On A Deeper Level Through The Language Of Improvisation
- Sound More Musical While Playing Through Phrasing, Dynamics & Articulations
- Assimilate Advanced Slapping & Tapping Into Your Performances
- Employ Chords, Harmonics & Altered Tunings In Your Playing
- Understand Concepts For Unaccompanied Bass Guitar
- Perform Bass Lines & Solos In The Styles Of Michael Manring, Brian Bromberg, Marcus Miller, Stuart Hamm, Alain Caron, Victor Wooten, John Patitucci, Gary Willis, Jaco Pastorius & Rocco Prestia
- Transcribe Bass Lines & Solos

Prerequisites For Contemporary Techniques
- Visit The IIB Requirements Page For A Complete List Of Required Hardware & Software

Duration: 12 Weeks
Cost: 24.95