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The IIB Online Bass Courses Certification

The IIB offers two levels of bass certification. The Certificate Of Completion is awarded to bassists who successfully complete all 5 of the IIB's online bass courses. The Professional Bass Certificate is the highest level of certification obtainable at the IIB and is designed as a project for bassists who are dedicated to the advancement of contemporary bass performance, the study of the bass tradition, and seek to play bass on a professional level.

The IIB Online Bass Courses - Professional Bass Certificate Along with a certificate designating their level of achievement, bassists who complete the Professional Bass Certificate program will receive the lesson material of all 5 courses on a neatly organized archival grade DVD. This DVD contains all of the latest updates that have been added to the courses so if lesson files were misplaced or you were enrolled in sessions of the courses many years ago, you will receive all of the newest content that has been added without having to retake any of the courses.

The Professional Bass Certificate program may be purchased any time before the start of the first course or after the completion of the fifth and final course. Although the online bass courses can be completed in any order or combination, it is recommended that beginners follow a program of study that gradually increases in the degree of difficulty from basic to advanced: Contemporary Techniques, Music Theory For Bass, Sight Reading For Bass, Jazz Bass Lines, and Soloing Techniques. Depending on your playing level and the time available to practice the lesson material, you can start a new course every 3 months, or they may be all taken simultaneously so the time it takes to complete the entire program may vary between 3 and 15 months. To enroll in the IIB's online bass courses, go to: The IIB Course Catalog. Please note that course fees are not included with the enrollment of the Professional Bass Certificate program, but the courses may be purchased at a special rate using the Buy 4, Get 1 FREE Package.

Certificate Of Completion

Bassists Who Complete All 5 Courses Will Receive
- Certificate Of Completion

The Certificate Of Completion will be mailed upon the completion of the fifth and final course.

Professional Bass Certificate

Bassists Enrolled In The Professional Bass Certificate Program Will Receive
- Professional Bass Certificate
- All 5 Courses On Archival Grade DVD
- 1 60-Minute Live Video Bass Lesson Via Skype
- A Lifetime Subscription To The IIB Subscriber's Area

To fulfill the requirements of the Professional Bass Certificate, bassists must pass both written and live exams which will be administered during a live session via Skype. The exam will consist of 5 different sections to demonstrate the complete assimilation of all the IIB's course material including technique, theory, reading, jazz bass lines, and soloing. During the live session, the bassist will perform jazz bass lines and a solo over an agreed upon standard composition from the jazz repertoire using a provided play-along track. Whether composed or improvised, the bassist will notate and analyze the bass lines and solo using a free software notation program such as Finale NotePad (or a program of your choice) or the lines can be handwritten on traditional 5-line staff paper. The bassist will be also assessed through a written exam which features content from all 5 courses. The exams must be completed within 1 year of finishing the final course. In addition to being awarded the Professional Bass Certificate and all of the courses on an archival grade DVD, the recipient of this certification level will also receive 1 60-minute live video bass lesson via Skype that can be scheduled any time between starting the courses and taking the exams as well as a lifetime subscription to the IIB's Subscriber's Area. The subscription to the IIB's Subscriber's Area begins as soon as enrollment is received. The Professional Bass Certificate and archived DVD will be mailed upon the passing of both exams.