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Bass Northwest - Seattle, Washington

Bass Northwest
Opened on March 1, 1994 by co-owners Evan Sheeley and Chad Beeler in Seattle, Washington, Bass Northwest was founded by bassists who have established a solid international reputation for providing their customers with the highest quality equipment and unparalleled customer service before and after the sale. With a huge inventory of standard 4-string bass guitars, exotic extended range instruments, electric upright basses, combo amps, and complete bass rigs to choose from, Bass Northwest is the ultimate store for bass players. Besides maintaining one of the world's largest collections of new and used bass gear, Bass Northwest offers a wide assortment of accessories including strings, straps, cables, tuners, effects, cases, gig bags, and instructional methods. Not only do they guarantee to beat any legitimate price that is quoted from another dealer, but they also offer a 72-hour trial period on major purchases. Whether you are wishing to have a one-of-a-kind bass built, check out a new amp, choose between the best accessories available, or just want to chat about bass-related equipment, Bass Northwest is the place to go for the best bass gear in the Pacific Northwest.

In this interview, Bass Northwest co-owner Evan Sheeley discusses his shop.

Can you provide us with some background information on Bass Northwest?

My partner, Chad Beeler, and I had worked together for years at another local music store called Seattle Music where I had built up a big bass department. In November of 1993, the owner of that company decided to close it down. Chad then came up with the idea of opening a "bass only" type of store so I have to credit him with the entire concept of Bass Northwest.

What kind of basses do you regularly keep in stock?

Our inventory is constantly changing because we sell items quite fast after they arrive, and we always have a steady stream of basses coming in. We do sell and stock, depending on availability, new basses by Alembic, Azola, Dean, Dingwall, Elrick, F Bass, Fodera, Hofner, Ibanez, Jerzy Drozd, Johnson, Michael Kelly, Kinal, Lakland, Mike Lull, Modulus, Mose Sparrow, MTD, Musicman, NS Design, Palatino, Rickenbacker, Rick Turner, Rob Allen, Roscoe, Sadowsky, Samick, Ken Smith, Spector, Sukop, Traben, Warwick, Waterstone, Yamaha, and Zon.

Which brands of bass amplification are available at Bass Northwest?

At this time, we are selling new amp and speaker cabinets made by Acoustic Image, Aguilar, Alembic, Ampeg, Ashdown Engineering, Bag End, BBE, Bergantino, Crate, Demeter, EBS, Eden, Epifani, Euphonic Audio, Gallien-Krueger, Hartke, Schroeder, Stewart Audio, SWR, Tech 21, and Warwick. If anyone is interested in a product that I haven't mentioned, please contact us, and we will be happy to order the item for you if it is available.

What is your best-selling bass gear?

I wouldn't say that there is one particular best-selling brand of bass gear that we offer. We seem to do equally well with all of the brands that we sell.

Is the primary focus of Bass Northwest on selling mostly high-end gear or do you sell equipment across all the price ranges?

Bass Northwest is a store that caters to bassists of all playing levels, from beginners to professionals alike.

Can bassists purchase custom instruments through Bass Northwest?

Yes. Some of the bass companies that we represent like Alembic, Fodera, Modulus, and Roscoe, for example, are happy to accept custom orders.

Do you sell used equipment or accept gear on consignment?

Yes. We sell used and consigned bass gear at Bass Northwest. We are continually updating our web site with used equipment as it enters our shop so please visit our web site on a regular basis for an extensive list of the latest arrivals. We also fully inspect and test all used basses, amps, speaker cabinets, and other electronic pieces prior to selling them.

Is Bass Northwest a full-service shop?

We do bass set-ups and adjustments at our store. For any amp repair or electronic work, we use outside sources.

Are there any advantages to purchasing bass gear through your shop over a nationwide retailer?

Absolutely! When you deal with a company like Bass Northwest, you have access to all the years worth of knowledge and experience that has been acquired regarding basses and bass gear as well as our world renowned customer service.

How much of your business would you estimate is conducted through the internet?

I would say that between 50% to 60% of our business is done over the internet.

Is worldwide shipping available on most of your products?

Yes. Depending on the item, we can ship to practically anywhere in the world.

Can students setup private lessons through Bass Northwest?

Yes. We have three very good local bass teachers that we recommend to students.

Contact Information

Bass Northwest
119 Yesler Way
Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: Monday - Friday 12 PM - 7 PM
Saturday 12 PM - 6 PM
Closed Sunday
Phone: 866.624.1722
Web Site:

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