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Bass And Beyond - Rancho Cordova, California

Bass And Beyond
As experienced local bassists who understand the needs of all players from beginner to professional, Juan Ortiz and Jim Cobb have been supplying discerning bassists around the world with the very best in bass equipment since 2006 through northern California's only bass-dedicated retail shop, Bass And Beyond. With a broad collection of standard and customized bass guitars, compact combo amps, audiophile-grade sound reinforcement rigs, and a huge selection of popular accessories for all bass enthusiasts, every piece of gear in their expanding inventory is specifically selected for its quality and performance in the quest of great tone. Whether practicing in a small rehearsal hall, recording bass tracks in a studio, or performing abroad on tour, Bass And Beyond can fulfill the requirements of all your bass playing projects.

In this interview, Jim Cobb and Juan Ortiz talk about their shop, Bass And Beyond.

Can you tell us how Bass And Beyond got started?

Juan originally started a store called Basses Acoustic and Electric. I was a customer who offered to help Juan with his web site, and we decided to join forces about a year ago.

Which brands of basses and amps do you stock in your inventory?

Our basses include Dingwall, Elrick, F Bass, Fodera, G&L, Ken Smith, Lakland, Michael Kelly, Mike Lull, MTD, Pat Wilkins, Rick Turner, Ritter, Roscoe, Sadowsky, Spector, and Zon.

We also stock Aguilar, Alembic, Bergantino, Crest Audio, Demeter, Euphonic Audio, Eden, Genz Benz, and Phil Jones amplification systems.

What product lines are your best sellers?

As of right now, products made by Bergantino, Sadowsky, Zon, and G&L are our most popular pieces of equipment.

Do you only stock high-end bass gear or do you have something for every customer across all price ranges?

We mainly concentrate on medium range to high-end gear, but our pre-owned stock usually consists of a few lower value selections.

Is Bass And Beyond a full-service shop that provides repair work?

We don't provide repair work at this time, but that is certainly something we are looking to add to our services in the future.

If a customer can't find a particular instrument, can you accept orders for custom basses?

Yes. We gladly accept custom orders. We enjoy walking through the various possibilities with our customers such as choices of woods, pickups, and so forth in order to help them make an informed decision if they're not sure of the options.

Do you sell used gear?

Yes. We do sell used equipment, and we accept consignments as well. We are also willing to take items on trade, but we always encourage our customers to try to sell their gear themselves as they will usually get a better deal that way.

What kinds of accessories are available at your shop?

We carry strings by D'Addario, MTD, Sadowsky, F Bass, Dingwall, Thomastik, DR, Elixir, Elrick, Zon, Rotosound, and others. We have cables from Zaolla, Planet Waves, Phil Jones Bass, and Monster Cable. We also offer straps by Moody, Sadowsky, and Comfort Strapp along with a full range of rack boxes and cases.

Are you able to offer worldwide shipping on your products?

Yes. We can ship practically anywhere. Just this past month, we've shipped gear to South Korea, Greece, Sweden, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

How much of your business is done through the internet?

The majority of our business is conducted over the web, around 75%. The Sacramento region doesn't support that many pro-level players, and our store is not located in a traditional retail area. We may be looking to move the shop to a more retail friendly and convenient location next year.

Are private bass lessons offered through Bass And Beyond?

We have lessons available with Vic Little who has played with Booker T amongst others, and Paul Relvas who is a very experienced local teacher also provides lessons through our store. Lessons can be easily arranged just by calling us.

Do you have any upcoming bass clinics scheduled?

As of right now, we don't have any clinics scheduled, but we do hold clinics here regularly. Bobby Vega lives fairly close to the store, and we're hoping to arrange a clinic with him soon. We're also hoping to have a well known Zon endorsee here in the not too distant future. In the past, we've hosted clinics with Steve Lawson, Todd Johnson, Bryan Beller, Trip Wamsley, and Bobby Vega.

Contact Information

Bass And Beyond
11351 Trade Denter Drive #350
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 10 AM - 4 PM
Friday 10 AM - 7 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM
Closed Sunday & Monday
Phone: 530.391.9077
Web Site:

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