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The Bass Shops Archive

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February - Premier Bass Guitars

Premier Bass Guitars
Located at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains just north of Denver, Premier Bass Guitars is the only bass guitar specialty store in the state of Colorado. Established by Dan Basica in 2011, Premier Bass Guitars maintains an extensive inventory of fretted and fretless 4, 5, and 6-string bass guitars, acoustic bass guitars, electric upright basses, vintage and used instruments, amplifiers, combo amps, effects, and a broad selection of popular accessories from the most reputable names in the music industry. Employing a professional staff who shares your passion for bass and is available to assist you in making an informed purchase locally or while shopping online, Premier Bass Guitars is the destination for all bass enthusiasts in Colorado and abroad. ... Read More!


February - The Perfect Bass

The Perfect Bass
Created as a side project by James Bethea after his quest for obtaining a particular bass ceased with a disappointing buying experience, The Perfect Bass started its operations in 2002. Bethea capitalized on his career in technology and his background in marketing and web development to establish his own retail business and online storefront. Within two years of its opening, The Perfect Bass had grown to a level where Bethea felt he could no longer perform both his day job and run his bass shop effectively so he decided to leave his job to pursue his passion for bass gear and delivering the highest level of customer service available. Based in a retail store and warehouse located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, The Perfect Bass provides an inventory of products for every classification of bass enthusiast including beginners, recreational players, professionals, and collectors alike. Due to their online presence and maintaining a web site that is updated on a daily basis, The Perfect Bass has become one of the leading bass specialty stores in the United States. Aside from stocking one of the largest selections of new basses, amplifiers, cabinets, effects, and accessories, The Perfect Bass assures the satisfaction of all their customers through their 5-day money back guarantee whenever a product is purchased from them either online or via phone. With their competitive player pricing, no haggling or negotiating is ever necessary, and if you ever find a lower published price for an identical product from another authorized dealer, The Perfect Bass will beat that price. ... Read More!


July - The Bass Place

The Bass Place
Long before the onset of today's musical instrument superstores and the proliferation of online sales through the internet, Dennis Meredith established the Bass Place in 1987. Featuring a vast inventory of premium 4, 5, and 6-string bass guitars, acoustic bass guitars, electric upright basses, vintage instruments, compact combo amps, complete amplification systems, and a collection of the most popular accessories for all bass playing aficionados, the Bass Place is the oldest bass specialty shop in the United States. In addition to being the longest-running bass storefront in the country, the Bass Place was also one of the first bass shops to utilize the platform of eBay, the world's largest online marketplace, as an extension of its business. Whatever your needs, the expert staff at the Bass Place is available to assist your bass playing requirements. ... Read More!

January - Bass Northwest

Bass Northwest
Opened on March 1, 1994 by co-owners Evan Sheeley and Chad Beeler in Seattle, Washington, Bass Northwest was founded by bassists who have established a solid international reputation for providing their customers with the highest quality equipment and unparalleled customer service before and after the sale. With a huge inventory of standard 4-string bass guitars, exotic extended range instruments, electric upright basses, combo amps, and complete bass rigs to choose from, Bass Northwest is the ultimate store for bass players. Besides maintaining one of the world's largest collections of new and used bass gear, Bass Northwest offers a wide assortment of accessories including strings, straps, cables, tuners, effects, cases, gig bags, and instructional methods. Not only do they guarantee to beat any legitimate price that is quoted from another dealer, but they also offer a 72-hour trial period on major purchases. Whether you are wishing to have a one-of-a-kind bass built, check out a new amp, choose between the best accessories available, or just want to chat about bass-related equipment, Bass Northwest is the place to go for the best bass gear in the Pacific Northwest. ... Read More!


November - Bass And Beyond

Bass And Beyond
As experienced local bassists who understand the needs of all players from beginner to professional, Juan Ortiz and Jim Cobb have been supplying discerning bassists around the world with the very best in bass equipment since 2006 through northern California's only bass-dedicated retail shop, Bass And Beyond. With a broad collection of standard and customized bass guitars, compact combo amps, audiophile-grade sound reinforcement rigs, and a huge selection of popular accessories for all bass enthusiasts, every piece of gear in their expanding inventory is specifically selected for its quality and performance in the quest of great tone. Whether practicing in a small rehearsal hall, recording bass tracks in a studio, or performing abroad on tour, Bass And Beyond can fulfill the requirements of all your bass playing projects. ... Read More!

July - Bass Emporium

Bass Emporium
Having spent over twenty years working in retail music stores and frustrated by the experience of not being able to locate the products that he wanted to utilize, John Files established his own bass specialty storefront, Bass Emporium, in Austin, Texas. Since its opening in 2002, Bass Emporium has become one of the worldwide leaders in the sale of professional bass gear. Along with a premium collection of exotic and investment-grade instruments crafted by some of the finest domestic and foreign builders, Bass Emporium's extensive inventory features audiophile-class amplification systems and a broad assortment of bass-related accessories. ... Read More!


November - Bass Central

Bass Central
Following the release of Superchops 4 Bass, a best-selling series of instructional repertoire in audio tape, video, and CD/book courses, internationally recognized author and bassist Beaver Felton opened the doors to Florida's Bass Central in 1996. With hundreds of bass guitars, amplifiers, and cabinets continually in stock, Bass Central houses one of the world's largest inventories of new and used bass gear which includes standard to boutique electric basses, electric uprights, acoustic bass guitars, high-end bass amplification, and lots of bass-related gadgets. ... Read More!

October - Bass Specialties

Bass Specialties
With its roots tracing back to the 17th century, Philadelphia is one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in the United States. For decades, Philly has been acknowledged for its long-standing bass tradition and for being the birthplace of world-renowned bassists such as Stanley Clarke, Christian McBride, and Gerald Veasley. Surprisingly, "The City of Brotherly Love" did not become the home of a retail store designed to cater exclusively to bassists until just recently. Bass Specialties, the first and only bass-centric retail resource in the Philadelphia region, was opened by bassist Glenn Marrazzo in September, 2006. ... Read More!

July - The Instrument Connection

The Instrument Connection
To continue his passion for high-end bass gear that began as a teenager, bassist Lou Laurenti established The Instrument Connection (T.I.C.) in 2005. From his privately-owned and operated showroom, customers have the opportunity to check out both traditional and exotic works of art which Laurenti believes to be the finest high-end basses found anywhere today. T.I.C. works in conjunction with some of the most highly-regarded luthiers, and T.I.C.'s mission is to provide its customers with dedicated personal service and worldwide shipment of products at competitive prices. Along with maintaining a second-to-none bass inventory to choose from, T.I.C. is also the authorized dealer of premier sound equipment and accessories. ... Read More!