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The Bass Greats Archive

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January - Stuart Hamm

Stuart Hamm
Through his innovative work as a solo artist and his contributions as a sideman to Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, Stuart Hamm has firmly established himself as one of the most influential electric bassists of the past half-century. Extending the non-traditional function of the electric bass previously revolutionized by Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke in the 1970's, Hamm helped to reshape the contemporary concept of the bass guitar as an unaccompanied instrument with the utilization of polyphonic, two-handed tapping, slapping and popping techniques, chords, and harmonics. ... Read More!


June - Michael Manring

Michael Manring
Expanding upon the concepts firmly established by his former instructor, the late bass icon Jaco Pastorius, in the 1970's, solo bassist Michael Manring has pioneered a non-traditional approach to unaccompanied electric bass performance that incorporates unconventional tunings, astoundingly virtuoso technical innovations, and ground-breaking methodologies. ... Read More!


July - Jeff Berlin

Jeff Berlin
"When it comes to music, you can take my word as gospel", states legendary bassist Jeff Berlin. With Berlin's remarkable resume, how can you argue with that? Never one to shy away from controversy as it pertains to music education, Berlin has been backing up his no-holds-barred statements with demonstrations in classes at the Players School of Music, lesson articles, and in bass clinics around the world for the past three decades. While most bassists of the 1970's were busy trying to emulate Jaco or Stanley, Berlin was refining his own unique approach to bass playing. Few bassists have possessed his musical prowess and even fewer have displayed his unparalleled technical facility and advanced utilization of improvisation. ... Read More!

May - Gary Willis

Gary Willis
Merging technical virtuosity with musical mastery, Gary Willis is widely acknowledged by fans, peers, and critics alike as one of the most influential voices of our time. Recognized for his fretless bass prowess and fingerboard harmony concepts, Willis' unconventional musical facility is demonstrated through often thick, 16th note-laced, hypnotic grooves and lyrical solo flights entrenched with a dynamic melodic sense. Over the past two decades, Willis' innovative, ultra-light right-hand approach has defined economy-of-motion while the depth and scope of his musical vision has often defied easy categorization. Now a resident of Barcelona, Spain, Willis' story begins as a Texas-native. ... Read More!