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Victor Denson Angulo - January 2005

Victor Denson Angulo
Biography: Raised in a small town in Utah, I always had an ability for music. Playing piano by ear as early as age three, my life with music has been as familiar as my life with English. When I was fifteen years old, I was "discovered" by my high school band teacher. The band teacher handed me an electric bass along with a bass book and showed me to the practice rooms. I fell in love with the instrument, started playing double bass, and practiced both for six to eight hours a day. After high school, I was given full tuition scholarships to study bass on the collegiate level.

I received my baccalaureate from Brigham Young University - Hawaii in Music Technology and Contemporary Bass Performance. I acquired a Master of Music degree from Brigham Young University - Provo in Double Bass Performance and Pedagogy. I have studied double bass with Peter Askim (student of Ludwig Streicher at Hochschule fur Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna and Yale University), Walter Birkedahl (student of Stuart Sankey), and Benjamin Henderson (student of Lawrence Wolfe at the New England Conservatory and Boston Conservatory). Between semesters, I toured the world playing jazz and classical music, visiting Europe, Australia, China, and the South Pacific. After my studies, I worked in the Salt Lake City, Utah metro area as a "top-call" jazz bassist, master session artist, private studio instructor, clinician, chamber musician, symphony section player, and soloist. I have appeared with many jazz music greats including Bob Berg, Randy Brecker, Conrad Herwig, Nicholas Payton, Madeline Eastman, Ed Calle, Bob Shepard, Eldar Djangarov, and many others. I love and play all styles of music and believe "if it sounds good, it is good."

Gigs: Currently, I am a full-time Professor of Double Bass and Jazz Studies at Brigham Young University - Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. My duties include teaching jazz and classical double bass, electric bass, jazz history, jazz improv, jazz ensemble II, coordinating the jazz combo program, and coaching a string quartet. I participate in faculty ensembles including a string quintet with Ted Ashton (violin), Dalin Hansen (violin), Kevin Call (viola), and Robert Tueller (cello) and a faculty jazz octet with Mark Watkins (saxes), Bryce Mecham (trombone), Daniel Thrower (trumpet), Robert Tueller (cello), Wilson Brown (piano), Jay Lawrence (drums/percussion), and Angela Bingham (voice). I travel across the country doing clinics and master classes, and on special occasions, I will travel back to Salt Lake City and play various gigs (usually jazz) with my comrades there.

Recordings: I have recorded many master sessions for production agencies including ABC television, NBC television, LDS motion pictures, Barking Pig Productions, LA East, Soularium, Tantara Records, and more. I have also recorded with my friends Kenji Aihara (guitar) and Steve Lyman (drums) in a modern jazz trio. Plans are in the works for a second trio album and as well as a solo project.

Electric Basses:
Custom Conklin Sidewinder 7-Strings (MIDI/Fretted And Fretless)
Custom Conklin 7-String MEU
Gary Willis Signature Ibanez GWB1NTF
Warwick Fortress Master Man 4
Fender American Jazz (With Graphite Neck)
Carvin LB76F and B4 Kits
Warwick Vampyre Rock Bass
Washburn MB6 (Tuned In 5ths)
De Armond Ashbory Bass

Electric Amp:
Aguilar DB750 With Two Accugroove Tri Series 112L Cabinets

Acoustic Upright:
1940 American-Made "Gamba-style" Double Bass
Clevinger 5-String Concerto (Tuned With High C-String)

Acoustic Amp:
Ampeg Portabass PB250 With Portabass 210 Or 110 Cabinets

Boss, EBS, Ibanez, Morley, and Digitech

Hipshot D-Tuners And Bridges
DiMarzio Pickups
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Kent Armstrong Pickups
Bartolini Pickups
Bartolini Pre-Amps
Aguilar Pre-Amps
David Gage's "The Realist" Double Bass Pickup
Comfort Strapps

Contact Information: E-mail: