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Scott Hubbell - May 2004

Scott Hubbell
Biography: I am a bassist and composer located in Colby, Kansas, a three hour drive east of Denver, Colorado. I grew up in rural Colorado where my first exposure to playing any type of instrument came in the form of the dreaded piano lessons. I also started playing trumpet in the fifth grade. The switch from the dark side happened when I stumbled across an old P-bass in the school's music room closet. I took it home along with a basic Mel Bay bass book, learned how it was tuned, and never looked back. Thanks to the piano lessons and trumpet, I was able to read proficiently in both bass and treble clefs and had a good sense of melody. I learned everything I could from the guitar shredders of the day: Van Halen, George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, etc. My thoughts were "if I could pull off all of these things on the bass, I would be instantly rich and famous." Then, in the summer of 1986, a buddy brought over David Lee Roth's Eat 'Em And Smile, and my world came crashing down. After that, I totally immersed myself in the bass. I went to college on a jazz scholarship playing electric and upright and studied music theory and arranging. In 1992, I dropped the doghouse all together to focus on the electric and to go on tour.

I have authored a book called Fretboard Alchemy for 4, 5, and 6-String Bass that covers scales and their harmony relationships. It is available direct from my web site.

Gigs: My most "high profile" gig was as the musical director/bassist/back-up vocalist for Nashville recording artist, Holly Stannard Young. After three tours, six bands, and countless arguments with managers, I reached a severe state of burnout and decided to take a hiatus from the touring scene. Well, ten or so years later the desire is back! I am very intrigued with the notion of solo bass looping and see a huge potential in doing live shows and clinics. I am also going to do some shows with a couple of the artists I have recorded with. At the moment, my main gig is as a private instructor.

Recordings: I recorded a track on the compilation album Shred Ain't Dead called "Frankenstein's Bride." It was released on Pumpkin Head Records. Unfortunately, the company went belly-up trying to promote it as the alternative to Shrapnel Records, and only 500 copies were released. Looking back, I realize I was pretending to be Billy Sheehan or the nearest thing to. But, if you can find a copy, the album is pretty good. I have recorded numerous radio spots, the most famous being the theme to the nationally syndicated "Conman" radio show. That music is also used on his TV program on the Great American Country cable channel. Bass-wise, it is interesting because the "guitar" solo is actually me playing a piccolo bass and trading four's with myself on keyboards. I spend a lot of time recording bass parts for independent releases out in this area and am currently working on a rock/fusion album with a killer guitar player that is very interesting on the bottom end. I am also assembling and writing material for my own solo album as well as material for a bass duo called "Girth" that will feature the fantastic playing of Byron Santo and other featured guests. My arrangement of "Flight of the Bumblebee" was a featured stream at and can still be heard under my name at Lessons Online.

Basses & Strings:
Worker Bee 7-String. Incredibly stunning, fantastic playing and sounding bass!
Ibanez Custom SR6 6-String
Ibanez Soundgear SR890 4-String
1975 Fender P-bass
1967 Fender J-bass
SIT Strings
All but the Fenders have Basslines pickups and electronics

Amps & Cabs:
SWR Studio 220
SWR Goliath Jr.
Tech 21 Bass Power Wedge 60

SansAmp Bass Driver DI
MXR M-80 Bass DI+
MXR M-188 Bass Auto Q
MXR M-88 Bass Octave
Morley ABY Selector
Line 6 Bass POD

G.A.L. (gear acquisition list):
Morley Dual Bass Wah (Model PBA-2)
Morley Steve Vai Little Alligator Volume Pedal (Model PLA)

Contact Information: You can learn more about me and my book at

Scott Hubbell
1101 Court Pl.
Colby, KS 67701