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Mark Meadows - June 2004

Mark Meadows
Biography: I am a freelance bass player working out of Los Angeles, CA. Like a lot of bass players, I started at a very early age on other instruments including piano at age eight, trumpet at age ten, and guitar at twelve. I was also a vocalist in the church choirs where my father was a Baptist minister all around the state of Kentucky. My musical "ear" came from my mother and father who both sang well and played piano by ear. I was doing family vocal trios in church by age four and then quartets when my little brother joined two years later. By high school, I was singing bass in the choir. The first time I picked up a bass guitar I was sixteen years old and played "Crocodile Rock" with my garage band. That event, combined with the first time I saw ZZ Top live, solidified my future career. I went on to study music at Western Kentucky University and Indiana University before hitting the road. My bass influences include John Paul Jones, Jaco Pastorius, Larry Graham, Stanley Clarke, James Jamerson, Marcus Miller, Nathan Watts, Geddy Lee, Dusty Hill, and of course Danny Partridge, just to name a few and not necessarily in that order. After a few years of musical "boot-camp" training/traveling with "Holiday Inn" type top-40 bands and Vegas/Atlantic City show bands, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue rock stardome with an original group. Soon I returned to freelancing around L.A. and began touring the world with the late blues legend Johnny "Guitar" Watson.

Gigs & Recordings: I am currently the bass player in The Edgar Winter Group, touring the world year-round (including performing on the 2003 DVD "Live at the Galaxy"). I have also recorded and/or toured the planet with many other artists including Lisa Loeb, Dweezil Zappa (I do the bass tracks on their records as well), John Waite, Meredith Brooks, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, The Motels, Eric Burdon (The Animals), Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, Roseanne (band director for her 2000 cable talk show and recorded theme music and cues with Dweezil Zappa), Nickelodeon (Chalkzone, Cow and Chicken, Fairly Odd Parents), Fox Sports West, Suzuki Motors, Plymouth, Warner Bros. TV (bass player on 2003 show "On The Spot"), NBC TV, and more.

Basses & Strings:
Joe Osborne Olympic White 4-String
Joe Osborne Candy Apple Red 4-String Fretless
Joe Osborne Olympic White 55-94 5-String
Joe Osborne Lake Placid Blue Skyline
Bob Glaub Sea Foam Green P-Bass
Carvin Jade Green AC-40 Acoustic/Electric Hollowbody
Carvin Natural Maple/Mahogany AC-40 Fretless
Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Strings (.045-.105 with a .125 B on the 5-string)

Amps & Cabs:
Eden WT-100 Navigator Pre-Amp, WT-1000 Bass Power Amp, (2) D410T Cabinets (on tour)
Eden WT-800 Stereo Bass Amp, (1) D410T Cab, (1) D210XL Cab (in town)
Eden WT-100 Navigator Pre-Amp (in studio)

Aphex 204 and 207 Rackmount Processors (in studio)
Aphex Bass Exciter Pedal (live)

Contact Information: For more information, go to