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Jake Kot - February 2004

Jake Kot
Biography: I'm a bassist and composer currently residing in Portland Oregon. I started my career in my 20's, a bit late compared to the norm. After 10 years of rock, the jazz side of my playing began to evolve, and I've been immersed in the more contemporary (electric) side of that style ever since. My first serious studies were with Steve Rodby, bassist with Pat Metheny. After that, four years in New York became my needed education in this field, privately studying with Rick Laird, an amazing teacher and the original bassist with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and playing with such greats as Dave Weckl and Robert Aries (keyboard player with John Scofield at the time) which musically jumped me up a few levels.

After numerous jazz and fusion gigs in quite a few states and most recently writing and producing a couple of cd's for other players in the Portland area, I decided to create my own project which is in effect my debut cd, Don't Look Back. I enjoy the roles of writer and producer as well as my bass chair duties and feel I've just scratched the surface with this first recording as a writer as well as a player and was also thankful to have Dave Weckl and Eric Marienthal contribute some tracks. My second cd is already in the works for 2004.

Gigs: My main gig over the last couple of years has been a trio gig featuring Russian pianist Andre Katui and legendary jazz drummer Mel Brown. I also freelance with a lot of very talented northwest jazz players in the Portland and Seattle areas as well as fronting my own band doing both clubs and festivals. My latest project which will be the centerpiece of my next cd is a trio featuring latin drummer and percussionist Reinhardt Melz and jazz pianist George Mitchell. The NAMM shows have given me the opportunity to play with such greats as Bill Dickens, David Dyson, and Steve Bailey to name a few as well as playing BassQuake with Steve Lawson, Trip Wamsley, Brian Bromberg, and Adam Nitti.

I've had a very sporatic recording career playing for numerous projects in the 8 states I've lived in over the last 15 years, and I have the Alan Holdsworth syndrome of not being able to go back more than one cd and live with what I've done. The two most recent projects, Seperate Reality (Mazzio/Kot) and my cd Don't Look Back have crossed me into a new level of musicial growth and appreciation for my voice on the bass.

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