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Gregory Bruce Campbell - June 2003

Gregory Bruce Campbell
Biography: I live in the Belgrade, Montana area with my wife and our three children. My father is a drummer. I always wanted to play drums so badly! When I was a youngster, he bought me a guitar at a garage sale. Then, he said if I learned to play it, he would buy me a drum set because I wasn't allowed to touch his set. I did learn to play drums. I used to trace the shadows of his cymbals on cardboard so that I could replace everything the way it was, and he could tell just by sitting down to play if I had been messing with them. When my mother was pregnant with me, she would attend my father's performances, and she tells me that I would kick in time to the music. I started my first band with drummer Jeremy Slead at the age of thirteen. We met in little league, and we both spent a lot of time on the bench!

I love performing with and participating in the design of cutting-edge stringed instruments. I would consider my strengths to be on performance and design. I am currently independently studying theory and reading real book charts. Luckily I have many friends with music degrees, and it really helps to be able to absorb their expensive educations!

In 1994 I was one of ten finalists worldwide in Bass Player magazine's Billy Sheehan Scholarship Contest.

I enjoy participating in a Yahoo group that I created, Extended Range Bassist. It is a free service, and some of the subscribers include high profile performers, cutting-edge instrument, speaker, and accessory manufacturers. The group members exchange information and experience in a positive, supportive environment. I have made many good friends there!

I have had the opportunity to perform on stage with and/or to introduce such musical virtuosos as: Victor Bailey, Jeff Berlin, Brian Bromberg, Oteil Burbridge, Anthony Cox, Bill Dickens, Carol Kaye, Geno Kreis, Michael Manring, Stewart McKinsey, Adam Nitti, Dave Pomeroy, Benny Reitveldt, Kelly Roberty, Rich Ross, Billy Sheehan, Randy Tico, Michael Shawn Tyrell, Rob Kohler, and Neil Zaza.

Gigs: I play in a cover band and do several pick-up/mercenary gigs here in Montana. I have an experimental funk/rock/jazz/fusion group called 9 and Zen, and my dear friend Stewart McKinsey and I have a long distance project always in the making called Depth. In 9 and Zen we do a lot of looping and experimental ambient funk groove music. We incorporate latin, reggae, funk, prog rock, and jazz styles with several Gibson Echoplexes.

Recordings: I am proud to say that there is a promotional CD in the works coming out from Morley pedals. It will be distributed to customers free of charge at each of Morley's top retailers and events. My original tune "Touching Bass" will be featured as a special bonus track on Morley's re-release of Steve Vai's "Bad Squad" tracks! Watch for it at your favorite authorized Morley dealer!

Gear: Fred Bolton from Bee Basses is currently building me a new 9-string signature bass that we are designing together. I hope to own approximately six Bee Basses within two years: four 9-string Greg Campbell signature basses and two 5-string Greg Campbell signature basses.

I am an artist endorsee for the following companies: AccuGroove Speaker Systems (I even have the AccuGroove logo tattooed on my right leg!), Aphex Systems, Bee Basses, EBS Pedals, Morley Pedals, Pedal Pad Pedal Boards, and SIT Strings.

I have an electric upright that's a ton of fun, and I am dreaming of owning an Eventide Orville and acquiring some additional AccuGroove cabinets (a pair of Gordo or Grande subs).

I currently use:
1 severely modified Ibanez Soundgear 6-string. This has been my main bass for several years. It is so far from being an Ibanez that I shouldn't even call it that anymore!
2 AccuGroove El Whappo Speaker Cabinets
1 Aphex 204 Aural Exciter
1 Aphex 207 Preamp
1 Aphex 108 Easy Rider Compressor
1 Boss DD-6 Digital Delay
1 Boss TU-2 Tuner/Power Supply
1 Boss Pitch Shifter
1 Digitech Talker
1 Digitech Whammy
1 EBS Bass I-Q
1 EBS Multi-Comp
1 EBS Multi-Drive
1 EBS OctaBass
2 Gibson Echoplexes
2 Gibson EFC-7 Foot Controllers
1 Zebra Wood 5-string Electric Upright Bass
1 Korg Electribe ES-1
1 Korg Electribe EM-1
1 Morley Little Alligator Volume
2 Morley ABY Switch Selectors
1 Morley Bad Horsie II Wah
1 Morley Diamond Distortion
1 Morley Dual Bass Wah
1 Morley Emerald Echo Analog Delay
1 Morley Saphire Flanger
2 Pedal Pad Pedal Boards
1 Rocktron Hush Noise Reduction
1 SKB Gig Rig
2 SKB Gig Wings
1 Stewart World 2.1 Power Amp
1 ETA Systems Power Conditioner

Contact Information: You can visit me on the web at

Gregory Bruce Campbell
1107 Biehl Drive
Belgrade, MT 59714