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Adrian Davison - March 2005

Adrian Davison
Biography: I was born in England in 1966 and began studying classical guitar at age 12 with the help of big names like Julian Bream, Philip Candelaria, and Paco de Lucia. My private guitar instructor was very into sending his students to master classes where the players of the day made clinic-like performances at music universities and colleges and then instructed members of the group and class. I first started playing bass in high school in North America with the school band because the music we were playing had little or no parts for guitar. We were doing jazz standards like "A Night In Tunisia." In high school, I met a few guys that were putting together a band and needed a bass player. I joined the band and used the school's Fender Precision bass and a big bulky Peavey amp. I used to sign out the bass and amp on nights and weekends when we were rehearsing and performing. The bass was so old and beaten up, and the strings probably hadn't been changed for years. As the summer holidays approached, I needed to really buy a bass for myself, and with every dollar I could obtain, I managed to get my hands on a Rickenbacker 4001, a 1979 or so model. I think I paid about $500.00 for it. That wood grain Ricky stayed by my side for thousands of gigs and had been modified so much with rewiring, Hipshot D-Tuners, an ABM bridge, and a Kleenaxe string damper. I use to play that Ricky until my fingers literally bleed.

My first real break in music was when I appeared in Mike Varney's spotlight column in April 1988. The Spotlight Column in Guitar Player was the goldmine of publicity for any guitarist or bassist. I literally received hundreds of letters (e-mail had not existed yet) from companies and individuals interested in my playing and music. Together with my good friend and incredible drummer Paul Marangoni, we put together a 10-song bass and drum instrumental demo. It was financed by a studio music grant, and we recorded everything live off the floor with no-overdubs in probably 25 hours (including mixing). I shopped the demo around, and that became my first release, Bass Symphony. Looking back, I probably used only two sets of strings for the whole recording and just one bass. It was a hungry display of two 20-year-old musicians. Lucky for me, the album was well received by Rolling Stone, Guitar World, and Guitar for the Practicing Musician among other music magazines. This allowed me to enter into the world of endorsement and tours/clinics. I recorded three more projects, Mens Rea, Alibi, and Dorian's Mode. Also during that time period, I released an instructional video demonstrating my techniques and wrote music columns for Canadian Musician magazine. I endorsed GHS strings, Laney amplifiers, Ampeg amplifiers and eventually switched over to Lado bass guitars. I ended my music career in 1995 after a personal situation combined with carpal tunnel syndrome made me reflect and re-analyze my life. I have picked up the bass only a few times in the last 10 years, but I have recently spent more time building a music web site for all those interested and a DVD featuring television interviews, live performances, and an instructional segment.

Bass Symphony
Mens Rea
Dorian's Mode
Instructional Video DVD

Many Rickenbackers 4001 & 4003 Models
Several Lado "Adrian Davison Zapper" Basses
4 4x10 Laney Cabinets
2 2x15 Laney Cabinets
4 4x10 Ampeg Cabinets
2 Ampeg SVT3
2 Laney 150
Yamaha 32 Equalizer
Yamaha SPX 90
Roland SDE 1000
Roland SDE 3000
Several DBX Compressors
GHS Strings (Boomers and Progressives)

Contact Information: To learn more about me, visit: