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The Mile High Bass Camp
The Rocky Mountain Bass Slam
May 2 - 3, 2009

Mojo's Music Academy
On Saturday, May 2nd, Mojo's Music Academy will present the 4th Mile High Bass Camp in Longmont, Colorado. Opened in 2007 by Berklee College of Music graduate Paul Rogalski, Mojo's Music Academy is a teaching facility dedicated to bringing together bass aficionados, distinguished instructors, and visiting artists who are united by their mutual passion for the instrument. Following a full day of clinics and lessons at the Mile High Bass Camp, the second annual Rocky Mountain Bass Slam is scheduled to take place on May 3rd just down the road in Denver. The Rocky Mountain Bass Slam was founded in 2008 as a fundraiser to donate bass guitars to music programs at local schools in Colorado and features live solo, duo, and trio performances by some of Colorado's finest bassists.

In this interview, the director of Mojo's Music Academy, Paul Rogalski, talks about the 2009 Mile High Bass Camp and the Rocky Mountain Bass Slam.

Who are the clinicians that will be teaching at this session of the Mile High Bass Camp?

For this edition of the Mile High Bass Camp, I am honored to have Ray Riendeau returning as a clinician. Ray is a highly sought after bassist known for his amazing slap and fingerstyle bass techniques. Mature musicianship and dedication to pushing the bass in different directions makes him a player worth knowing. He's done everything from performing around the world as a touring musician with Rob Halford to being a featured bass clinician alongside Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Matt Garrison, and many others. You can see him all over the internet playing everything from bebop to hard rock. Ray is bringing his gigging drummer Martin Diamond from Arizona to join him for his presentations.

Doug Johns is new to Mojo's, and we are really looking forward to meeting him for the first time. Doug is coming in from Ohio with his drummer Chris Ceja. These guys have lots of bass and drum videos available online. They are full of groove and soulful ideas. Doug was recently featured in the April 2009 issue of Bass Player magazine in which he talked about his fingerstyle funk and new solo recording. This is the first time we are offering this camp to both bass and drum students.

What are the primary topics that will be discussed at the camp?

We are taking a bit of a different approach this year. We will be setting up a drum kit along with a couple bass rigs. Ray and Doug will present clinics on groove playing which feature their approaches to technique, working with a drummer, and creating the pocket.

Are campers encouraged to bring their own equipment to the clinic?

Bassists should definitely bring their basses to the clinic. Drummers just need to bring their drum sticks. There will be hands-on discussions about techniques with the opportunity for everyone to get up and play.

Could you tell us about the Rocky Mountain Bass Slam which is also being held during the weekend of the bass camp?

On May 3rd, we will be presenting the second Rocky Mountain Bass Slam. It is a fundraising event for either a Denver school that needs music equipment or an underprivileged teen who wants to pursue playing bass. My friend Glenn Tapia and I were talking about how great it would be to create such an event with the bass players from the Denver scene. We spoke with our friends who own a music venue called Ziggie's in Denver, and they loved the idea. We contacted local bassists, and everyone wanted to be a part of the event. The first year was very successful, and it generated plenty of interest to proceed with planning a second event. Two Warwick basses and amps were donated to the Denver School of the Arts. Because this year's bass slam is being held during the same weekend as the Mile High Bass Camp, we are stepping it up a bit by having Ray Riendeau and Doug Johns as our headlining performers. We are also having numerous local bassists performing in solo, duo, or trio settings. Other bass slammers include Jerry Gray and Tara Putorti who are both teenage students of mine from Mojo's, Bill Teags, Tim Carmichael, Ron Buckner, Mac McMurray, Glenn Tapia, Jeff St. Andrews, Matt Skellenger, Larry Elwood, and myself.

Can you provide us with a complete schedule for the entire weekend which includes the camp and bass slam?

Saturday, May 2nd, 10 AM - 1 PM
Mile High Bass Camp
Mojo's Music Academy
Longmont, Colorado
Cost - $40.00
Private Lessons With Ray, Doug, Chris, or Martin
2 PM - 7 PM

Sunday, May 3rd, 11 AM - 12:30 PM
Bass/Drum Clinic
Denver, Colorado
Cost - $30.00
Rocky Mountain Bass Slam
1 PM - 6 PM
Cost - $8.00

Is there a minimum age required to attend either the camp or the bass slam?

All ages are invited to attend these events.

Do participants need to register in advance for the events?

Yes. Pre-registration is required for all the events. You can signup online for Saturday's events at and for Sunday's festivities at

Can a private lesson with one of the clinicians be scheduled if a person isn't able to attend the camp or the bass slam?

Yes. On Saturday, private bass lessons are available with Ray and Doug as well as drum lessons with Chris and Martin. The cost is $35.00 for 30 minutes of instruction or $60.00 for a full hour. Please contact me to schedule a lesson with any of these instructors.

Who is sponsoring these events, and will there be any product giveaways?

We have some great sponsors lined up this year including Pedulla Basses, Genz Benz, Anheuser-Busch, Colorado Local Legends, Pigtronix, AccuGroove, Drum City Guitarland, and We will be raffling off a number of great products.

What other events will be taking place at Mojo's Music Academy this year?

We have a full schedule of "Summer Music Performance Camps" ahead of us. So far 1 week is full with more to come. We have a monthly "Building A Blues Vocabulary Guitar Workshop" taught by Keith Wojciechowski from the band Mojomama and a monthly "Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop" with Michael DeLalla. We also host a monthly open stage for our students to come out and play live at a local venue called Deli Zone.

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