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Mile High Bass Camp - June 30, 2007

Mile High Bass Camp
Paul Rogalski and Mojo's Music Academy in Longmont, Colorado will host the inaugural Mile High Bass Camp on June 30th. Led by the instruction of legendary session bassist Chuck Rainey and bassist extraordinaire Ray Riendeau, attendees will take part in a variety of scheduled activities including clinics, master classes, and performance classes throughout this all-day event before ending with a live concert featuring the camp's clinicians in the evening. Mile High Bass campers will also have the unique opportunity to study privately in one-on-one lessons with the clinicians on the following day.

In this interview, Mile High Bass Camp founder Paul Rogalski talks about his first event.

What is Mojo's Music Academy?

Mojo's Music Academy is a music education facility for all instruments and levels of musicians in Longmont, Colorado. We opened our doors in February, 2007 to fill the need for a teaching environment for musicians of all ages within a community friendly environment. My band, Mojomama, has been active in the Colorado music scene for the past five years, and all of the band's members are teaching at the academy. That is how the facility came to be named Mojo's Music Academy. We offer instruction in voice, drums/percussion, guitar, saxophone, and I have the bass department covered. I've been playing bass for most of my life and just love the instrument. I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1990. I've learned so much over the years and now feel that I must pass on all of this information. We also offer music theory classes, music business classes, a performance class, guitar labs, and an open stage night for meeting fellow musicians. We've hosted a few visiting artist clinics including bassists Bernard Reed and Michael Manring, songwriter Alice Peacock, and guitarist Regi Wooten. We will continue to increase our volume of students and offer the best classes and teachers in the area. We also plan to bring in more amazing artists for clinics and performances.

How did the Mile High Bass Camp come together?

Being a bassist, I've always wanted to have an event to celebrate the bass in some way. Now that I have my own space to do this, it has come to fruition. I contacted a few high profile players to see if I could get some interest and everyone was on board. As the summer months became filled with touring and playing music festivals, I kept losing available players but was always referred to other amazing bassists. My efforts eventually led me to confirm Chuck Rainey and Ray Riendeau. Now we are ready to go!

What makes the Mile High Bass Camp different from other events?

The Mile High Bass Camp is different from other bass events in that our space is limited to only 20 persons for the entire day. The experience will be like sitting in your living room at home with these amazing players. At the end of the day, we will be setting up the facility for a concert which will include performances with the clinicians. Chuck and Ray are also making themselves available for one-on-one private lessons on Sunday.

Can you tell us about the clinicians that will be teaching at this camp?

Chuck Rainey has been doing bass sessions for decades, and his playing has been featured on dozens of hit recordings alongside Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Steely Dan, and many more. I think most bassists have a favorite Chuck Rainey bass line up their sleeve. He is a complete encyclopedia of bass.

Ray Riendeau is a highly regarded bassist who is most well known for his work as a member of the band Halford with which he recorded several projects including a live CD and toured the world. He has released four recordings as a solo artist and is recognized for his advanced approach to slap bass playing. Ray has also been featured in many print publications and on the web.

What are the primary subjects that will be taught?

Ray is going to cover the new approaches to slap technique, double thumbing and plucking, fretboard harmony, and how to put it all together in a musical fashion. Chuck is going to demonstrate how to approach playing what is right for the song through appropriate note selection, rhythmic concepts, and so forth. Between these guys, there is a lot to be offered to all bassists regardless of their primary playing style.

Should attendees bring their own equipment to participate in the clinics?

Yes. Attendees should definitely bring their bass, a tuner, and a chord. There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the day to play some of the lesson material.

Can you outline a schedule of the activities that will occur throughout the camp?

June 30th
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Ray Riendeau clinic/master class
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM - Lunch break: sandwiches/beverages provided by MHBC
12:30 PM - 2:30 PM - Chuck Rainey clinic/master class
2:45 PM - 5:00 PM - Combined performance class
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Dinner break
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Live concert

Do people need to sign-up in advance to attend, and if so, where can they go to register?

Yes. Please visit our web site, and send me an e-mail or call to register in advance. Full payment is requested at the time of registration by cash or check.

How does someone setup a private lesson with one of the clinicians?

Private lessons are available only on Sunday, July 1st, and they begin at 9:00 AM. Lessons are being offered to campers on a first-come-first-served basis. Chuck's lessons are $85 per hour, and Ray's lessons are $25 per half hour. Please contact me via e-mail in order to check the available time slots and schedule a lesson with Chuck or Ray.

Does a person need to be registered with the camp in order to schedule a private lesson with the clinicians?

No. I can put bassists who are interested in private lessons on a waiting list and see what happens with a definite notice of availability by June 29th.

How often do you plan on hosting the Mile High Bass Camp?

I plan to host the Mile High Bass Camp at least twice per year so keep checking the web site for information regarding future installments.

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