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European BassDay - December 9, 2007

European BassDay
The 2007 edition of the European BassDay will take place at the Festhalle in Viersen, Germany on December 9th. Under the direction of Marco Schoots, the European BassDay has become one of the largest annual bass festivals held in Europe. Each year, this event attracts bass enthusiasts of all ages, performance styles, and playing levels from around the world. Throughout the day, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in clinics, workshops, and view performances led by internationally acclaimed bassists. Along with these presentations, bassists can check out dozens of exhibits with product demonstrations featuring the latest bass gear and chat with representatives from leading manufacturers.

In this interview, Marco Schoots discusses this year's show.

How did the European BassDay get started?

The first European BassDay took place in March, 2003. It was held in a small club in Venlo, Holland. We had some serious bass fanatics and a few exhibitors come together from around Europe. It was the first event of its kind in Europe, and we received an enormous amount of positive feedback from bassists and manufacturers. Because of this overwhelming response, we moved the second European BassDay to a large concert hall in Nijmegen, Netherlands. That venue contained two stages. We had approximately 25 exhibitors participate, and Richard Bona performed with his band. Due to the success of that event, we decided to relocate the European BassDay to an even bigger venue for the third edition so we moved to the Festhalle in Viersen, Germany. Now we have three stages to support concerts, small performances, workshops, and clinics along with enough room for dozens of exhibitors. Viersen is centrally located in Germany, and it's very easy to reach by train or plane from anywhere in Europe. Last year we even had bassists come all the way from Japan.

Who are the clinicians for this year's event?

We have many highly regarded bassists appearing at this year's show including Martin Engelien (Germany), a Markbass All-Star Band featuring Lorenzo Feliciati (Italy), Pippo Matino (Italy), Linley Marthe (France), and Ralf Gauck (Germany), Manou Gallo (Belgium), Martin Motnik (Germany), Quagero Imazawa (Japan), Michael Kraft (United States), Stefan Neldner (Germany), Giorgio Santisi (Italy), Davy de Wit (Netherlands), Lars Lehmann (editor of Germany's Bass Professor magazine), Kamil Erdem (Turkey), Andrew "The Bullet" Lauer (Germany), Marius Goldhammer (Germany), Kamil Erdem (Turkey), Sascha Neuhardt (Germany), Jose "Joey" Vera (Spain), Tony Overwater (Netherlands), Charlie Moreno (Spain), Wojtek Pilichowski (Poland), and Adrian Maruszczyk (Germany). Some of these bassists will perform on the main stage while others will be playing on the second and third stages. Many of these bassists will also be playing at the various exhibits.

Do you encourage bassists to bring their own instruments to participate?

Yes. Those bassists who would like to take part in the workshops and clinics should bring their bass and a cable. We will have plenty of amplification available.

Are bassists of all playing levels welcomed to attend?

Yes. Bassists who attend our event come from a wide range of backgrounds, performance styles, and playing levels from young beginners to experienced professionals who make their living playing bass.

Can you outline the schedule of events for the day?

At this time, we haven't solidified the exact order in which everything will be taking place, but I can provide you with a general format. The doors will open at 12:00 P.M. and the performances will start at 1:00 P.M. Since we have three different stages, multiple performances, workshops, and clinics will occur throughout the day until the final headlining performance ends at around 10:00 P.M.

What is the registration fee, and should attendees register in advance?

If you purchase tickets before the day of the event, the cost is 15 Euros. You can pickup tickets on the day of the event at the door for 20 Euros, and if you are a student, the fee is only 10 Euros.

Will there be any giveaway items?

Yes. We have quite a few giveaways lined up this year such as an Epiphone bass, a TecAmp, an effects pedal from Exar, and lots of CD's.

How many equipment displays do you anticipate to be at the event?

Each year, the number of manufacturers with exhibits and demonstrations has continued to increase. This year we will have about 35 different displays featuring a wide selection of products, and product specialists will be available to answer questions regarding their gear. A short list of the exhibitors include Gibson, Behringer, Yamaha, Ampeg, Markbass, Eden, D'Addario, Mesa Boogie, Ibanez, Ashdown, EBS, Trace Elliot, Peavey, Glockenklang, Gallien-Krueger, Line 6, Marleaux, and Ernie Ball to name a few.

Who is sponsoring the European BassDay?

We are extremely grateful to have so many fantastic sponsors for this year's event such as Ampeg, Ashdown,, Behringer, D'Addario, Eden, Epiphone, Galli Strings, Gibson, Ibanez, Markbass, Maruszczyk Instruments, Mayones Basses, Mesa Boogie, Nemesis, Peavey, Planet Waves, Stagg Guitars, TecAmp, Trace Elliot, Windmill Basses, and Yamaha.

Do you plan on recording any of the performances for a future CD release?

Yes. We record every European BassDay which we then release later on as a compilation project.

How often does the European BassDay take place?

We have been hosting a European BassDay every year for the past several years, and we plan to continue doing so for many years to come.

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