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Peter Muller - November 2003

Peter Muller
Biography: I was born on October 6, 1969 and grew up in a musical family. My father played acoustic bass and piano and so I came into contact with jazz very early. I started to learn classical acoustic guitar at the age of nine, taking lessons for about five years. It was during this period that I became interested in funk music. My ears were totally drawn to the sound of the bass, and I started to slap on my guitar, trying to sound like all the contemporary bass players I was hearing.

I jumped at the chance when a friend of my father's offered me an old Hoefner electric bass guitar, and from then on I concentrated solely on bass. I listened to just about everything I could, learning from players like Mark King, Stanley Clarke, and Marcus Miller. Eventually I decided that I needed a bass more suited to the kind of music I was in to. So in 1983 at the age of 14, I bought a second-hand Fender Jazz Bass (Serial No. S8852622) that is still my main instrument today.

If I had to describe the influences in my bass playing, I would definitely mention names like Stanley Clarke, Mark King, Doug Wimbish, Victor Bailey, but Marcus Miller has always affected and inspired me the most. I remember when I started to play bass. I went to a record store and asked for some "real bass records." They proposed some albums amongst which was Marcus'. When I heard his music I was totally knocked out, and I was so kicked by the Fender sound that I bought a Jazz bass myself. Later on I would say that Tutu had completely changed my life. It opened the door to fusion for me. Marcus always comes up with something new, and he's the bass player with the most recognized sound. I always have an ear out for what he's doing, because it's just plain brilliant! That's why I decided to write a tune called "Trigger (for Marcus)" and to open my first recording as a leader, M-Vibez, with it.

In 2001 I put my own studio, "Wave Island", together, and it was only a few months later that I decided it was finally time to release my first album, which eventually took over a year to complete. When Frank Mead heard the initial results in 2002, he was so knocked out that he offered to play saxophone on the album. Later that year, Frank asked me to produce his own debut album. We worked on both recordings in the first half of 2003, and when we were finished, I decided to found my own label, Mullennium Records. Both Frank's album and mine were finally released in July 2003.

A few months later I became an EBS endorser, and I will continue to expand my record label.

Gigs: I became a professional musician in 1987 and like most professionals played all kinds of gigs in all kinds of musical situations. Subsequently, I toured all over Europe and undertook many studio sessions. In the second half of the 90's I discovered that I had composing skills and started to write my own music. I also felt that producing music could be an interesting new perspective for myself. In 2000 I became a member of the Frank Mead Band, which was an important step in my development as an artist.

Peter Muller - M-Vibez
Frank Mead - Shout It Out

A lot of people ask me what M-Vibez means or stands for. Well, the M says everything: My Vibes, Muller Vibes. It's a mixture of the variety of music I dig including jazz, funk, soul, r&b, hip hop, african, and latin vibes as well. I've been traveling a lot, and you can hear impressions of where I've been and what I feel.

Fender Jazz Bass Serial No. S8852622 with EMG Pickups
Modulus Genesis Fretless 5-String

EBS Fafner TD 600 Limited Edition

EBS 410's

DBX 166 XL Compressor
Korg DTR-1000 Racktuner

EBS Octabass
EBS Uni Chorus
EBS Multi Drive
Boss Delay
Boss Line Selector

DR Handmade Strings Hi-Beams .45-.105 (fretted), Sunbeams .45-.125 (fretless)

Monster Cable Bass

Contact Information: Visit me on the web at

Mullennium Records
Postfach 2226
28809 Stuhr