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Yves Carbonne - December 2003

Yves Carbonne
Biography: I was born in 1967 in Auch, France. My parents were not musicians but gave my older brother and I the chance to study music as we were kids. I began piano at the age of 7. A few years later, my older brother was playing guitar, and I wanted to play with him. I began playing electric bass when I was 13 and upright acoustic bass two years later.

I started to be interested in jazz when I heard Stanley Clarke for the first time, but I rapidly felt influenced by Jaco. I started to play fretless when I was 16. I met Alain Caron in 1984, and he became my "mentor" for years. I played my first 6-string fretless bass in 1987. At that time, I was lucky enough to earn my living as a professional jazz musician. Not long after, I was playing with great jazz drummer Bernard Lubat, and he gave me the opportunity to meet and play with musicians on the European jazz scene.

In 1993, I met Dominique Di Piazza (John McLaughlin's bassist), who is still my bass teacher. During the following years, I extended my experience by playing in studios and on TV shows. I became more and more preoccupied in finding my sound. I wanted to create my own instrument.

In 1997, I started to work with great bass builder Christian Noguera. I drew and designed my own basses, Noguera YC models. These instruments are played by players such as Etienne M'Bappe (Joe Zawinul's bassist) and Dominique Di Piazza. Recently I developed my vision of an 8-string, tuned one octave below standard tuning so that I can reach an ultra low E (one octave below standard low E). This is my Noguera YC subcontrabass guitar. The strings that I use for this bass are specially made for me by Richard Cocco (La Bella's president).

I'm preparing an instructional method demonstrating the way I play the electric bass.

Gigs: I have played with a lot of people since 1985, in different musical situations but essentially centered around jazz music. A selective list of people I've played with includes: Patrick Auzier, Claude Barth�lemy, Roger Biwandu, Mao Blanc, Jean Bonal, Bruno Bongar�on, Francis Bourrec, Bernard Branquard, Uri Caine, Alain Caron, Bruno Chevillon, Manu Codjia, Fran�ois Corneloup, Larry Corryel, Dominique Di Piazza, Jean-Marie Ecay, Thierry Eliez, Fr�d�ric Favarel, Glenn Ferris, Nicolas Filiatreau, Lionel Fortin, Denis Gouzil, Richard Hertel, Antoine Herv�, Daniel Humair, Olivier Hutman, Gy�rgy Kurtag, Francis Lassus, Bernard Lubat, Sylvain Luc, Laurent Maur, Bernard Maury, Andr� Minvielle, Christophe Monniot, Serge Moulinier, Hermeto Pascoal, Nazar� Pereira, Michel Portal, Tony Rabeson, Laurent Robin, Archie Schepp, Louis Sclavis, Henry Texier, Virginia Vee, Christian Vieussens.

I have performed in many concerts in and outside of France including London, Dakar, Saint Louis Du S�n�gal, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech (Maroc), Tokyo, Fukuoka (Japan), the Berlin Jazz Festival, and many more.

My primary gig consists of solo master classes with the 8-string bass. I also have a duet with harmonica player, Laurent Maur.

Recordings: I have some recordings with people like Andr� Minvielle, Serge Moulinier, and Denis Gouzil. I've participated in around 350 television shows (Fasila). My present project is to record a solo album.

Noguera YC Deluxe 8-String Subcontrabass Guitar
Noguera Expression 4-String Subcontrabass Guitar
Noguera YC Deluxe 8-String Semi-Acoustic Fretless Subcontrabass Guitar
Noguera YC Deluxe 6-String Contrabass Guitar
Noguera YC Deluxe 6-String Semi-Acoustic Fretless Contrabass Guitar

La Bella Super Steps with custom gauges for the subcontrabass guitars

Aguilar DB 680

Power Amp:
Aguilar DB 728

Aguilar DB 359

SWR Triad. I sometimes use a SWR 2X10, SWR 4X10, and a Ampeg SVT 8X10

SWR Workingman's 1X15

Contact Information: My web site is located at

Yves Carbonne
14 Le Bourg
33840 Lucmau