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February - Norm Stockton

Norm Stockton
Eight years removed from Pondering The Sushi, his acclaimed debut as a solo artist, Norm Stockton released his second independent production, Tea In The Typhoon. Spanning jazz, fusion, funk, rock, classical, and West African influences, Stockton's latest session features performances by John Patitucci, Michael Manring, Etienne Mbappe, Gregg Bissonette, Lincoln Brewster, and many other outstanding guest artists. With nearly seven hours of instruction covering fundamental concepts to many of the most advanced techniques utilized in the vocabulary of contemporary bass playing, Stockton's Grooving For Heaven video series is recognized as an indispensable resource for any dedicated bassist looking to take their grooving ability to the next level. ... Read More!


November - Adam Nitti

Adam Nitti
Merging components of funk, blues, rock, jazz, and fusion into an extraordinary compilation of contemporary instrumental tracks, Adam Nitti released, Liminal, his fourth project as an independent frontman in March, 2009. To provide an affordable and flexible means of music education to students, working adults, and professional musicians alike while eliminating the geographic and time constraints imposed by traditional music programs at colleges and universities, Nitti founded MusicDojo in 2003 where he serves as Chief Learning Officer. ... Read More!


March - Trip Wamsley

Trip Wamsley
Although bass-centric solo projects are often revered only by dedicated bass enthusiasts, Trip Wamsley's music contains a remarkable balance of melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic variety which extends to an audience beyond that of strictly bass aficionados. After distributing his first independent endeavor, Dancing About Architecture, in 1996, subsequent solo efforts included The Difference Engine (1998) and It's Better This Way (2003). ... Read More!


June - Mike Pope

Mike Pope
Raised on the sounds of classical and jazz piano in Bowling Green, Ohio, Mike Pope's musical development began as a pianist at age 7. Through his brother, Pope discovered the electric bass, and by age 12, he began emulating the lines of Jaco Pastorius. Just a couple years later, with the encouragement of his teacher, Jeff Halsey, Pope began studying the acoustic upright. ... Read More!

March - Keith Horne

Keith Horne
Acknowledged as an award-winning flat-picking guitar champion in his home state of Virginia, Keith Horne got his start in music playing guitar in his dad's country band at age 6 and later picked up bass when he was 12 years old. After winning a number of contests, Horne put together a jazz band that backed Ramsey Lewis on the BET cable channel. In 1985, Horne became a member of Secrets, a fusion group which included drummer Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band and continued to play with them for the next seven years. Through the encouragement of the Wooten brothers (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones), whom he grew up with, Horne relocated to Nashville in 1992 in order to expand his visibility, and he maintains residence there today. ... Read More!


August - Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy
For the past three decades, St. Louis' Tom Kennedy has been a consummate, first-call bassist in the world of instrumental-based music. Alongside his piano-playing brother, Ray, Kennedy started building his now prolific career around the St. Louis area at age nine on the acoustic upright bass by playing mainstream jazz music. ... Read More!


October - Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson is not a typical bass player. Few bassists have been accepted for their performance of traditional jazz music on electric bass and even fewer have become widely recognized for their contributions. On his latest project, a trio recording of straight-ahead jazz compositions titled Get Happy, Johnson continues his pioneering efforts on six-string electric bass alongside highly revered upright bassist/singer Kristin Korb. ... Read More!

September - Matt Garrison

Matt Garrison
Four years after debuting as a solo artist with his self-titled recording, acclaimed electric bassist Matt Garrison returned in August 2004 with the simultaneous release of Shapeshifter, featuring a fusion of world music elements, dense harmonic textures, electronica soundscapes, and experimental tones, as well as a live DVD/CD titled Matt Garrison Live. Garrison, a second generation bassist, spent his early childhood in the vibrant 1970's loft scene in New York City. His father, the legendary Jimmy Garrison, is regarded as one of the greatest jazz bassists in history having played alongside pianist McCoy Tyner and drummer Elvin Jones in the classic John Coltrane Quartet of the 1960's. ... Read More!


January - Keith Horne

Keith Horne
From country to fusion to bluegrass and jazz, Keith Horne has already revealed that he is truly a musical chameleon with a stratospheric level of diversity. Horne possesses a rare talent as an amazingly gifted multi-instrumentalist. Playing bass and providing vocals behind Trisha Yearwood, Keith has already been heard by millions of people on "The Late Show with David Letterman", "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", "Austin City Limits", and a number of other special television shows. A long-time and highly revered session veteran of the Nashville studio scene, Horne has recorded and toured all across the country with some of country music's biggest stars including Tanya Tucker and Trisha Yearwood. ... Read More!


August - Brian Bromberg

Brian Bromberg
He has been called "phenomenally talented", "beyond genius", and a "technical wizard" by the critics, acknowledged as "the greatest bass player in the world" by his colleagues, and hailed by listeners around the world as "a virtuoso bassist without parallel." They may disagree on how to classify him, but one thing remains certain. Critics, colleagues, and fans alike all agree that there is something very special about bassist, Brian Bromberg. Just when everyone thought that bass playing had been pushed to the envelope, Bromberg burst onto the scene in the early 80's with dazzling displays of technical proficiency and lyrically inspiring improvisations. ... Read More!

March - Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson
The U.K.'s Steve Lawson is one of today's most inventive and original sounding voices on the electric bass. He is a pioneering innovator in the art of looping. On his debut solo outing, And Nothing But The Bass, Lawson reveals his technical brilliance through multi-layered sonic excursions and artistic expressions of improvisation wizardry. With only his basses and a handful of electronic gadgets, Lawson paints progressive textures of ambient soundscapes. ... Read More!

January - Adam Nitti

Adam Nitti
Quickly becoming one of today's premier electric bassists, Adam Nitti successfully balances mind-boggling displays of technical wizardry with art. Nitti possesses an advanced level of virtuoso technique, talent, and a vision for his music that most bassists only dream about. Adam has made it perfectly evident that he is not only one of the most technically proficient bassists on the scene today, but he is also one of the few bassists that can balance his chops with skillful songwriting. You may already be familiar with some of Adam's work. If not, it won't be long before you will be. As a bassist, composer, and clinician, Nitti's extensive list of credits and performances are a testament to his ability. ... Read More!


December - Norm Stockton

Norm Stockton
As an educator with a deep-rooted passion for teaching, Norm Stockton has released an acclaimed video series titled Grooving for Heaven. As a bassist who possesses the rare ability to compose sophisticated-sounding arrangements and blow over solos with explosive exhibitions of technical proficiency, Norm Stockton has demonstrated his extensive skills on his debut solo outing, Pondering the Sushi. Whether it's holding down a percolating funk vamp laden with crisp, cool funk slaps or taking off on a technically terrifying solo excursion full of pyrotechnical taps, Norm Stockton displays all the characteristics that are found in a virtuoso-caliber bassist. ... Read More!

October - Ray Riendeau

Ray Riendeau
Over the past couple years solo bass phenom Ray Riendeau has quickly become a brand name in the bass community. His brilliant displays of technical proficiency has catapulted him to the ranks of one of today's premier bass artists. While some of you may recognize Riendeau for his work as a member of the band Halford, others may have caught one of his many jaw-dropping solo performances as a clinician for Fender Musical Instruments. ... Read More!