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The IIB Archive

Within the IIB Archive, you will find links to past interviews, news, reviews, streaming media, and product spotlights that have been featured on the IIB web site. As new items are added to the IIB each month, old content will be relocated to this archive.

Bass Greats

Michael Manring
Interviews with bassists including Stuart Hamm, Michael Manring, Jeff Berlin, and Gary Willis. ... Read More!

Artist Profiles

Mike Pope
Interviews with bassists including Norm Stockton, Adam Nitti, Trip Wamsley, Mike Pope, Keith Horne, Tom Kennedy, Todd Johnson, and Matt Garrison. ... Read More!

Bass Faces

Esperanza Spalding
Interviews with bassists including Paul Rogalski, Ebinho Cardoso & Sergio Groove, Zander Zon, Doug Johns, Todd Johnson & Jim Stinnett, Project M, Esperanza Spalding, Damian Erskine, Jonni Lightfoot, Jim Stinnett, Anthony Vitti, Ray Riendeau, Steve Jenkins, Brady Muckelroy, Joseph Patrick Moore, Chris Tarry, Jeff Schmidt, and Al Caldwell. ... Read More!


Evidence Audio
Press releases, DVDs, recordings, and instructional books from manufacturers including Zon Guitars, Line 6, Evidence Audio, Markbass, and bassists such as Michael Manring, Brian Bromberg, Marcus Miller, John Patitucci, Jeff Berlin, Billy Sheehan, and Victor Wooten. ... Read More!


Brian Bromberg
Reviews of basses, effects, accessories, videos, books, and recordings from manufacturers including Zon Guitars, Line 6, Evidence Audio, Tascam, and bassists such as Michael Manring, Brian Bromberg, John Patitucci, Jeff Berlin, Alain Caron, Marcus Miller, Stuart Hamm, Ray Riendeau, Matt Garrison, and Norm Stockton. ... Read More!

Product Spotlight

Zon Guitars
Interviews with manufacturers including Evidence Audio, LightWave Systems, M Basses, Thunderfunk Amplification, Skjold Design Guitars, Gallien-Krueger, AccuGroove Amplification, Phil Jones Bass, Barker Musical Instruments, Markbass Amplification, Aguilar Amplification, and Zon Guitars. ... Read More!

Bass Abroad

Antonella Mazza
Interviews with bassists including Stuart Clayton, Peter Muller, Markus Setzer, Bernhard Lackner, Steve Lawson, Antonella Mazza, Zuzo Moussawer, and Yves Carbonne. ... Read More!

Bass Shops

Bass Central
Interviews with the owners of bass shops including Premium Bass Guitars, The Perfect Bass, The Bass Place, Bass Northwest, Bass And Beyond, Bass Emporium, Bass Central, Bass Specialties, and The Instrument Connection. ... Read More!

Bass Events

Mojo's Music Academy
Interviews with the founders of bass-centric events including The Rocky Mountain Bass Slam, Stinnett Music Online & The Bass Workout, The One Week Intensive, Gerald Veasley's Bass Bootcamp, The European BassDay, The Mile High Bass Camp, The New Hampshire Bass Fest, The San Francisco Bass Weekend, The School Of Bass, BassUp!, The Bozeman Bass Bash, and The Lodo Bass Bash. ... Read More!