The International Institute Of Bassists
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About The IIB

The International Institute of Bassists (IIB) is an online resource located at which is dedicated to the advancement of contemporary bass performance and the study of the bass tradition. Since its founding in 1997 by Cliff Engel, the IIB has established a long-time presence on the internet and grown into one of the largest and most popular bass-related web sites found online. Today, the IIB is recognized as one of the leading online publications for bass players and the promotion of all things bass. The IIB keeps both electric and acoustic upright bassists of all levels of playing experience, from novice to professionals alike, returning every day for the latest updates and information in the bass community. In September, 1999, the IIB delivered its first monthly newsletter to less than 100 subscribers. Now, the IIB's newsletter reaches over 50,000 bass enthusiasts worldwide each month.

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